What does dreaming of Yang Anping symbolize

A pregnant woman dreaming of Yang Anping will give birth to a male child:While a female child will be born in the fall, and she should pay attention to her diet.

People in business dream of Yang Anping:Female staff disputes, be careful to prevent villainous designs.

People in love dreamed of Yang Anping:First love has many twists and turns, and then become a couple, marriage is smooth.

People dreaming of Yang Anping in the year of one's life:Modest and courteous, smooth and harmonious as expected.

Dreaming of Yang Anping:According to Zhouyi five elements analysis, lucky color is purple, wealth in the northwest, peach blossom bit in the southwest, lucky number is 6, lucky food is mushrooms.

Pregnant people dreaming of Yang Anping Antai sieve:Give birth to a boy, autumn occupies the birth of a girl, pay attention to diet.

Dreaming of Yang Anping:A day of good luck, there will be good things come to you on their own initiative. You also tend to be unable to resist, to go around and tell others about their good things it.

People dreaming of Su Anping in the current year of life means dietary caution:Friend's betrayal of trust, money dealings, it is advisable to be cautious.

Doing business dreamed of Wang Anping:Represents a big investment big loss of money, it is best to retreat to wait for the opportunity to act.

Doing business dreamed of Anping Antai sieve:Get the time to profit, big investment or expand also smooth.

Dreaming of Su Anping:According to Zhouyi five elements analysis, lucky color is purple, lucky number is 2, peach blossom position in the direction of the west, wealth in the northwest direction, lucky food is Lantern.

Doing business dreamed of trees full of Yang Yang:Representing business failure, after one or two years, reorganize and start again.

People dreaming of the year of life dreamed of Anping Antai sieve net:Self-importance, thankless, matters of retreat (loss of wealth).

People who go to school dreaming of trees full of Yang Yang:Means giving birth to a boy, autumn occupying the birth of a girl, moving the fetus to be careful.

A pregnant woman dreaming of a tree full of poplars foretells the birth of a daughter. Do not move the earth.

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