What Do White Carnations Mean

Dreaming of carnations will bring a good relationship with your mother.

A pregnant person dreaming of carnation flowers predicts the birth of a daughter and the avoidance of earth moving in the south.

A pregnant woman dreaming of carnations predicts the birth of a boy. Autumn occupies the birth of a woman.

Doing business dreamed of carnations:Represents the operation is not good, loss is very big, should temporarily retreat.

Travelers dreaming of others buying carnations for themselves:Suggest that the wind is strong, then postpone the trip.

A pregnant woman dreaming of holding carnations in her hand predicts the birth of a male child:And the birth of a female child in May. Be careful to prevent difficult labor.

Dreaming of buying carnations for oneself means that preparation is very important before the test:And the examination luck is not ideal.

Dreaming of being given yellow carnations:According to Zhouyi Five Elements analysis, the lucky color is purple, the wealth position is in the northwest direction, the peach blossom position is in the due west direction, the lucky number is 7, the lucky food is dumplings.

Pregnant people dream of being given yellow carnations:Predicting the birth of a boy, a girl in July and August.

Travelers dreaming of roses turning into carnations in water:It is recommended to stop in case of wind and rain, postpone departure.

Dreaming of carnation loss oh ostrich fast cackle forehead:According to Zhouyi five elements analysis, wealth in the south direction, peach blossom bit in the east direction, lucky number is 5, lucky color is white, lucky food is kelp.

People in love dreaming of carnation flowers:Indicating that after some twists and turns and tests, finally married.

Doing business dreamed that colleague husband gave her three carnations:On behalf of small should not be big investment, small work small profit, big work big profit.

People in love dreamed of holding carnations in their hands:Indicating that the marriage is mature, the best spouse, marriage can be accomplished.

People in love dreamed that her colleague's husband gave her three bunches of carnations:Indicating that she could not communicate with her feelings in a peaceful manner, and marriage is exempted from discussion.

People dreaming of their husbands giving me yellow carnations:Means that everything can be smooth with caution, and coincidentally meets a nobleman to turn misfortune into good fortune.

People in love dreaming of husband send me yellow carnations:Indicating that you can hope to get married. Do not argue over trivial matters and destroy the marriage.

People in business dreaming of others buying carnations for themselves:Represents that things are not going well, some people are intentionally vilified, loss of property.

Travelers dreaming of carnations loss oh ostrich fast cluck amount:Suggest that according to the original plan. Do not change the itinerary is good.

People dreaming of carnation flowers:Means that the best retreat for to, can not have the idea of entrepreneurial investment.

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