A dream about wiping out many wolves

A traveler dreaming of wiping out a lot of wolves is advised to stop if there is wind:And travel if it is sunny.

People in business dreamed of destroying many wolves:Representing failing to make profit, still have loss, get rid of the old and put up a new one to operate again.

People in love dreaming of destroying many wolves:Suggesting that relatives have opinions, do not be discouraged, there is hope for marriage.

Pregnant people dreaming of destroying a lot of wolves:Foretelling the birth of a daughter, just pregnant, will harm the good, body more maintenance.

People dreaming of extinguishing many wolves in the current year mean that they will be modest and courteous in their dealings:And everything will be smooth and harmonious as expected.

Those who dreamed of seeing a fire extinguished by burning briquettes on a trip:Suggesting that it is safe to go out.

Pregnant people dreaming of seeing a blazing fire extinguished with water and the fire not extinguished:Foretells the birth of a daughter, if it is a male fetus, it will not be preserved.

People in love dreamed of a blazing fire with water extinguished fire did not go out:Suggesting that each other to explore the shortcomings, if you can tolerate each other marriage can be accomplished.

People dreaming of doing business dreamed of candles extinguished:Be careful against friends backstabbing, lawsuits, litigation.

Traveler dreaming of dream fire extinguished:Suggests next time to set out again.

Traveler dreaming of boiler extinguished:Suggest going out safely as scheduled.

A traveler dreaming of a candle going out can expect a smooth journey. Be careful on a hot day.

A traveler dreaming that said furnace fire went out is advised to postpone the trip:Something is bothering him.

Pregnant people dreaming of candles extinguished again and again:Foretelling the birth of a boy, autumn accounted for the birth of a girl, be careful to prevent miscarriage.

People in love dreaming of a burning stovetop going out suggests that marriage may be expected.

Pregnant people dreaming of burning incense extinguished:The birth of a daughter, diet more careful.

People dreaming of a fire burning room extinguished and burning:Means don't be anxious, don't be impatient, can remove a lot of worries by handling things with a broad mind.

Dreaming of lights going on and off:Switching on and off many times, means you may have a loved one pass away.

People dreaming of a lot of fires and then extinguished mean that they should accept guidance humbly and handle things sensibly:And there will be no mistakes.

Doing business dreamed of starting a fire and putting it out again:Representing the failure of marriage.

Those who are traveling dreamed of seeing the fire extinguished:Suggest going out smoothly as expected.

People in love dreaming of candles lighted and extinguished and lighted and extinguished:Suggesting mutual understanding, sincere treatment, marriage can be accomplished.

People traveling dreamed of burning incense extinguished:Out of the peace.

Traveling people dreamed of seeing friends being extinguished:Suggests going out smoothly.

Doing business dreamed of home many flies by husband extinguished:On behalf of big investment big loss of money, the best retreat to wait for the opportunity to act.

Traveling people dreamed of setting fire to extinguish again:Advised to postpone going out again in case of rain.

Pregnant people dreaming of a fire extinguished and lit:Predicting the birth of a boy, postponing the birth of a baby.

People dreaming of candles extinguished and extinguished again means to be cautious of injuries and to be careful at the water's edge. Pay attention to safety when traveling.

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