Dreaming of wedding banquet table

If you are pregnant and dream of a wedding table:You will give birth to a male child. If you are pregnant and dream of a female child, you should be careful to prevent the fetus from becoming too heavy and having a difficult delivery.

If you dream of seeing a wedding table in your current year of life:You will have obstacles and bumps in your luck, but in the end, you will still be lucky and gain profit.

Doing business dreamed of wedding banquet table:Initially unfavorable business, slowly on track after more successful.

Pregnant people dreaming of a wedding banquet with three tables in the house:Give birth to a daughter, delay the delivery date a bit.

People dreaming of a wedding banquet with three tables:More efforts, perseverance can be admitted.

Pregnant people dreaming of a wedding banquet foretell the birth of a boy:Delaying the birth of a baby.

Pregnant people dreaming of wedding banquet and funeral:Foretelling the birth of a daughter, autumn occupying the birth of a man.

People in love dreaming of a wedding banquet:Suggests mutual understanding, can be married.

People who are traveling dreamed of attending a wedding banquet:Water harm, more evil than good fortune, it is advisable to postpone.

People who go to school dreaming of attending a wedding banquet as a group:Means failing to pass the exam.

Doing business dreamed of going to a wedding banquet:Luck is not good, profit is not good, do not expand investment.

Pregnant person dreamed of friend wedding banquet:Foretells winter occupying birth male, cautious against miscarriage.

People dreaming of going to school dreamed of wedding banquet:Means it is hard to get what you want, many obstacles.

Those who are traveling dreamed of having a wedding banquet:Suggest delaying the departure for a few more days.

Those who are traveling dreamed of wedding banquet:Suggest windy less go out, delay travel again.

A pregnant woman dreaming of a wedding banquet foretells the birth of a daughter. Beware of the baby's gas.

Travelers dreaming of a wedding banquet:Suggest that may go out smoothly, be careful at the water's edge.

Traveling people dreaming of wedding banquet funeral:Suggest postponing another date before departure.

Dreaming of wedding banquet table:According to Zhouyi five elements analysis, lucky number is 2, peach blossom bit in the east direction, wealth in the southeast direction, lucky color is black, lucky food is taro.

People who are traveling dream of going to a wedding banquet:Delayed departure, there is a wind.

Doing business dreamed of a wedding banquet:On behalf of gaining wealth and profit, money in and out carefully.

Traveler dreaming of wedding banquet end:Not go out, postponement of going out is good.

Traveling people dreaming of giving children a wedding banquet:Suggests rescheduling departure, postponing travel.

Traveling people dreaming of others wedding banquet:Suggest going out smoothly, stop when encountering wind.

Traveler dreaming of wedding banquet:Suggests going out smoothly.

Traveling person dreamed of hosting wedding banquet:Suggests smooth as expected, if windy then postpones going out.

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