What does it mean when you dream that workers don't listen to commands

For a businessman to dream of workers not listening to directions:It means slow progress, and a fortune to be gained.

A pregnant woman dreaming of workers not listening to directions predicts the birth of a daughter or twins.

People in love dreaming of workers disobeying commands:Indicates that both occupations are stable, salary class marriage can be accomplished.

People dreaming of workers disobeying commands in the current year of life:Implying mediocre fortune, home god feng shui uneasiness, it is appropriate to repair, can be smooth.

Dreaming of workers do not listen to the command:According to Zhouyi five elements analysis, the lucky color is green, the wealth position is in the south direction, the peach blossom position is in the southeast direction, the lucky number is 0, the lucky food is almonds.

If you are pregnant and dream of workers:You will give birth to a girl, and if you are pregnant, you will give birth to a boy. Be careful when climbing up.

People in love dreamed of workers moving stones:Indicating that mutual understanding can lead to marriage.

People who are traveling dreamed of workers being dug up:Suggest bad mood, less go out for good.

Pregnant people dreaming of workers mining:Predicting the birth of a daughter, avoid moving earth, moving the fetus.

Traveling people dreamed of workers going to work:Suggests can go smoothly.

Traveling people dreaming of workers at work to buy food:Choose another date to go out again.

Pregnant person dreamed of worker want to follow my home work:Give birth to a daughter, be careful to prevent the fetus died in the womb.

Pregnant people dreaming of workers quarreling with workers:Foretelling the birth of a boy, spring occupying the birth of a girl, be careful to prevent the fetus from moving.

People in love dreaming of workers smoking at work and not listening to greetings:Suggesting that it takes time to cultivate feelings, marriage can slowly be accomplished.

People in love dreamed that workers want to tear down the house:Suggests mutual trust, do not listen to the bystanders to provoke right and wrong, marriage can be accomplished.

People traveling dreamed of workers asking me for money:Suggest can go out smoothly, come back safely.

People doing business dreamed of workers falling from a height:On behalf of cautiously guarding against friend's betrayal of trust, lawsuit and litigation.

People who traveled dreamed of seeing a worker's thumb being cut off by a machine:Suggests going out safely.

Traveler dreaming of seeing workers laboring:Postpone going out for a few days.

Traveler dreamed of seeing worker dying:Advised to postpone the trip in case of rain, postponed the trip for a few days in case of disagreement.

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