What does it mean when you dream of kissing and hugging a strange woman?

A pregnant woman dreaming of kissing and hugging a strange woman predicts the birth of a daughter. A boy will be born in September or October.

People dreaming of doing business with a strange woman kissing and hugging represent that it is not suitable for big investment:But small investment can be helped by your people to get wealth.

People dreaming of going to school dreaming of kissing and hugging a strange woman means that you can be admitted to the school:But you can't get into your ideal school.

People dreaming of strange women and kissing and hugging:Means that the spring will be successful and smooth, and then smooth, careful to guard against lawsuits.

People in love dreaming of kissing and hugging a strange woman means that as long as there is mutual trust:Marriage can be accomplished. There are joyful celebrations in the fall.

People traveling dreamed of seeing his girlfriend giving someone a touch and a kiss:Suggesting rainy weather, postponing the trip for a few days.

Pregnant people dreaming of kissing and hugging strangers of the same sex:Predicting the birth of a male, spring occupies the birth of a female, be careful to prevent premature labor, the mother should take more care.

People in love dreamed of boyfriend driving to pick me up and kissing and hugging:Suggesting that for a small matter and quarrel away, should explain the misunderstanding clearly.

People dreaming of seeing their grandfather hugging and kissing me means that although the luck is not good:You can meet a nobleman to help you, and you will be blessed with wealth.

People in love dreamed of kissing and hugging a stranger of the same sex:Suggesting that it is not possible to be acute, slowly communicating and understanding each other can be accomplished.

Doing business dreamed of familiar and strange woman persuade me:Have integrity heart, unite efforts, career development.

Doing business dreamed of marrying an ugly and fat woman:Represents not concentrating on everything, intends to lose for a long time, fixed to organize again and then seek employment.

People who are traveling dreamed of familiar and unfamiliar:Suggest to postpone departure for a few more days.

People in love dreamed of sleeping with a strange woman:Suggests that both sides intentionally, and suffered from small people to destroy.

People dreaming that their boyfriend drove to pick me up and kissed and hugged me means that their luck has turned a little:But not as they wished, and they are flat.

Doing business dreamed that boyfriend drove to pick me up and kissed and hugged:On behalf of can get wealth and profit, be careful to prevent friends from reneging (master, guest) lawsuit.

School dreamed of girlfriend give people and touch and kiss:Means can hope to be admitted, liberal arts more attentive.

People in love dreamed of seeing familiar and strange woman persuading me:To communicate and understand each other, in order to get along satisfactorily.

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