Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming of Vessels

A traveler dreaming of keeping fish in glass vessels postpones another trip.

A traveler dreaming of fetching water without vessels suggests that he can travel as scheduled.

Those who are traveling dream of lotus vessels:Suggest not going out as a good idea.

Going to school dreamed of vessels:Release list slower, in the edge of admission, more efforts.

People dreaming of lotus flower vessels means nearly on the verge of admission.

Pregnant people dreaming of glassware being broken:Foretelling the birth of a boy, careful diet, avoid moving earth.

Those who dreamed of traveling dreamed of a puja vessel:Suggesting delaying departure in case of wind.

People in love dreamed of glassware being broken:Suggesting that after many trials and tribulations, marriage can be expected.

People in love dreaming of vessels:Both parents can agree, marriage can be accomplished.

People in business dreamed of lotus vessels:Represents slow progress smoothly get wealth, should be more changes.

People who go to school dreaming of beautiful glassware:Means that there are many obstacles, it is difficult to get what you want.

People traveling dreamed of big fish leaping out from a small vessel:Suggesting failure to connect well, some changes, not smooth.

People in love dream of glassware:Although there are small people from the destruction, misunderstanding can be clarified.

People dreaming of glassware in the current year of life:Slightly in the flow of wealth, failed to stabilize, roughly smooth.

Dreaming of bright and shiny aluminum:Or aluminum utensils, indicates that life is going well.

A pregnant woman dreaming of tea tree mushrooms in a vessel predicts the birth of a boy. In summer:A girl is expected.

A pregnant woman dreaming of a large fish leaping out of a small vessel foretells the birth of a boy. A girl in June or July.

People in love dreaming of raising fish in a glass vessel:Don't get carried away, it's hard to round things off with a strong personality.

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