What does it mean to carry a potato

A traveler dreaming of carrying yams is advised to postpone his trip in case of heavy rain.

A dream of carrying taro means that you will not be admitted to the school as you wish.

If you are pregnant and dream of carrying a taro:You are predicting the birth of a daughter, and if you are expecting a boy in the spring, your emotions should be stabilized.

People in business dreamed of carrying yams:Representing unable to support, suitable to keep, not big investment, loss of wealth.

People in love dreamed of carrying yams:Suggesting that the timing of the proposal will be fruitful, marriage can be accomplished.

People who are traveling dreamed of delivering yams to people:Suggests stopping when encountering water, postponing going out.

A traveler dreaming of a lot of yams under the ground suggests that the trip will go smoothly and as planned.

Travelers dreaming of cooking yams:Suggests near is favorable, far is unfavorable.

Travelers dreaming of digging yams:Suggest going out as scheduled.

Travelers dreaming of a field full of yams:Suggests that you can go out as scheduled, smooth.

Travelers dreaming of deep-fried yams for sale:Suggests that in case of rain, then stop, postponed and then set off again.

People who go to school dreaming of new taro:Means poor results in liberal arts, failed to be admitted.

A pregnant woman dreaming of stealing yams and radishes predicts the birth of a boy.

People who dreamt of cooked yams on a trip suggested that windy weather should be avoided and delayed before traveling.

People dreaming of travelers dreaming of taro:Postpone the departure for a few days.

Travelers dreaming of eating yams with friends:Suggest postponing departure for a few more days.

People dreaming of digging up yams suggest delaying the trip for a few more days.

People dreaming of digging yams mean that they will fail to get good grades. Poor grades.

People in business dreaming of baked yams:Starting to gain, but then disagreeing, recession unfavorable.

People dreaming of businessmen dreaming of taro poop:Business is unfavorable, growth is slow, loss stops business.

Pregnant dreaming of taro sassafras:Give birth to a boy, be careful to prevent difficult labor.

Pregnant people dreaming of giving people yams:Predicting the birth of a daughter, less go out climbing mountains.

School dreamed of baked yams:Have confidence, success will belong to you, more efforts.

People dreaming of travelers dreaming of yams and peas:Suggest postponing the trip!

Pregnant people dreaming of yams being stolen:Foretelling the birth of a man, do not approach the water's edge, prevent miscarriage.

Pregnant person dreamed of woman selling wine big taro:Give birth to a boy, be careful to prevent miscarriage.

Pregnant person dreamed of taro poop:Give birth to a male, be cautious against miscarriage difficult to raise.

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