Dreaming of a battle between two people is

If you are traveling and dream that someone is cursing a battle:You are advised to go out smoothly.

For those who dreamt of seeing others cursing each other:It represents ups and downs, and finally a paperwork lawsuit.

Dreaming of others cursing each other means to guard against revenge or villainy. Climbing mountain outing less go.

Pregnant people dreaming of other people two scolding battle is:Foretell the birth of a daughter, the first three months of pregnancy to be careful.

School people dreaming of others two mouth scolding war is:Means that one subject arts a little poor, does not affect the admission results.

Doing business dreamed I saw others two mouths quarrel:Represents the uncertainty of repetition, suitable to keep. Small do small earn.

People in love dreaming of others sending two coffins and birthday clothes:Indicating that verbal disputes can be resolved and marriage can be accomplished.

Those who dreamed of others sending two coffins and birthday suits suggest delaying departure and returning home safely.

Those who dreamed that I saw others quarreling with two coffins implies that they will not be admitted to the school.

Traveling people dreaming of snake biting two mouths:Suggests going out safely as scheduled.

Traveling person dreamed of two wells one in filling:Suggests going out peacefully.

Traveling people dreamed I others two mouth quarrel:Suggest waiting for the opportunity, delay three days before traveling.

Doing business dreamed with others scolding fight:Represents smooth as expected people, fame and fortune, but not acute.

People who go to school dreaming of others two mouths separate:Means concentrate on the same can be admitted.

People in love dreaming of others two mouths angry:Indicates that can hope to get married. Don't let small things cause arguments and ruin the marriage.

Pregnant people dreaming of seeing two of their own mouths fighting with others:Predicting the birth of a daughter, winter occupying the birth of a male, not to enter a temple within a week.

A pregnant woman dreaming of going to someone's house and eating two mouthfuls of meat predicts the birth of a daughter:And a male in spring. Be cautious of miscarriage.

If a person in love dreams that someone is carrying two coffins:It means that the marriage can be accomplished as long as the woman's parents agree.

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