What does dreaming about tea at home symbolize

A pregnant woman dreaming of tea at home predicts the birth of a girl:And a boy in September.

For those who are in love:Dreaming of tea at home, suggests that if you can get along with each other, marriage can be accomplished.

Doing business dreamed of tea at home:On behalf of concentrating on business not to be distracted, finally can get wealth and profit.

People dreaming of tea at home:Means nobles help, promotion and wealth, smooth as desired do not be greedy.

Dreaming of tea to get home:According to Zhouyi five elements analysis, lucky number is 6, peach blossom bit in the north direction, wealth in the southwest direction, lucky color is yellow, lucky food is sweet potato.

If you dream of taking tea home:It's not a good idea to go out with your workmates for meetings or business development, but you can do it on your own. You may find your relationship with your coworkers a bit stagnant due to the unfavorable phase, so it's better to do your own part of the work. However, luck is still on your side, and you will still be able to perform well, which means that you have a lot of strength!

Pregnant people dreaming of a big official coming to their home:Predicting the birth of a daughter, and avoiding earth moving in the south.

Pregnant people dreamed of wild boar to the home killed wild boar:Predicting the birth of a daughter, be careful to prevent fetal death in the womb.

A pregnant woman dreaming of a bird flying to her home predicts a boy; be cautious of fetal demise.

A pregnant woman dreaming of a bird flying into her home predicts a girl:And is related to her ancestral tomb.

A traveler dreaming of white geese flying to his home is advised to change the date of departure.

A traveler dreaming of bringing a lover to his home is advised to postpone his trip.

A traveler dreaming of seeing his daughter's matchmaker coming to his home is advised to travel smoothly and safely to and from his home.

People in love dreaming of catching a fish and not taking it to their home:Suggesting that after many trials and tribulations, they can expect to get married.

People who are traveling dreamed of seeing a stranger's relative coming to their home:Suggesting delaying departure in case of rain.

People dreaming of catching fish did not get home:Means more alms to make up for faults, be careful to prevent the disaster of injury.

Doing business dreamed that a car drove to the home:Representing marriage failure.

Traveling person dreamed that someone came to home to ask for debt:Suggests next time to set out again.

Traveling people dreaming of dreaming of relatives coming to the house:Suggest postponing the trip

Traveling person dreamed of moving wood to home:Suggests obstacle is big, postpone travel again.

A traveler dreaming of a cat running into his house is advised to postpone his trip again.

Traveler dreaming of feces coming to home:Suggests postponing travel when rain stops.

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