What does it mean when you dream of treasure hunting and not being able to find

If a traveler dreams of finding a treasure and not being able to find it:He is advised not to travel and to postpone the trip.

A pregnant woman dreaming of finding a treasure and not being able to find it is predicting the birth of a daughter:Who will be conceived three years from now.

People in love dreaming of finding a treasure that cannot be found:Suggesting that marriage can be accomplished with honesty and sincerity.

People in business dreamed of finding a treasure:Representing hardware and machinery industry to gain the most profit.

People dreaming of treasure hunting in the current year of life:Means starting a business to get wealth, smooth as expected, careful to prevent thieves, villainous design.

Pregnant people dreaming of picking up money to find treasure:Foretelling the birth of a woman, no male. Be cautious of miscarriage.

This year's people dreaming of finding people can not find:Means that all things are trapped, missed opportunities regret, should be more flexible.

People in love dreaming of losing a cotton jacket and not being able to find it:Suggesting that as long as there is mutual trust, marriage can be accomplished. There are joyful celebrations in the fall.

Those who dreamed of finding someone but couldn't find it:Suggesting smooth as expected, if windy, then postpone going out.

Pregnant people dreaming of finding a treasure and failing to find it:Foretelling the birth of a daughter, be careful at the water's edge, and guard against miscarriage.

Doing business dreamed of losing cotton jacket but couldn't find it:Representing many ups and downs and obstacles, should reorganize the internal and then open business.

Dreaming of treasure hunting and not being able to find it:A day of creating false impressions! It's not even today yet, you seem to have gotten into today's state ahead of time, and you're not quite as energized today. The phenomenon of being late and leaving early is easy to appear oh! But in your heart, today's slacking off is often because there is something else hidden in your heart to think about. Such you, it is easy to fool a lot of people oh!

Traveling people dreaming of treasure hunting in ancient times:Suggests that wind and rain is bigger then delayed travel.

Pregnant people dreaming of treasure hunting:Predicting the birth of a man, avoid moving the earth to move the fetus.

Doing business dreamed of not finding the way home:On behalf of everything is difficult to start, and then get fame and fortune, department store, make-up and beauty to get money.

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