What does it mean when I dream that my sister comes to visit me

Traveling people dreaming of sister come to see me:Suggest that it is best to delay before going out.

If you are pregnant and dream that your sister comes to see me:You are predicting the birth of a male child, but be cautious of miscarriage and difficulty in raising a child.

People who go to school dreaming of sister coming to see me:Means to put in more effort, on the verge of admission.

People in love dream see sister come to see me:Indicate both personality conservative stubborn, should understand each other.

People in business dream see sister come to see me:Represent carry on unsmoothly, someone intentionally vilify, loss of property.

People in love dreaming of uncle mom sister come to see me:Suggests quick decision, immediate action can be accomplished.

People on a trip dreamt of seeing my dead mother-in-law visiting me:If the storm is big, then postpone the trip.

Traveling dreamed that all relatives came to see me:Suggest going out as scheduled.

Pregnant people dreaming of a missing sister asking her friends to visit me:Predicting the birth of a boy, a girl in June or July, the fetus is not in the right position, be careful.

A traveler dreaming of a dead relative visiting me is advised to go out as scheduled.

Traveling people dreaming of seeing my mother visiting me:Suggests smooth progress.

Pregnant person dreamed of dead mother sister come together to see me:Foretells the birth of a boy, the mother is not good, careful care.

Traveling person dreamed of my girlfriend came to see me:Travel smoothly, postpone back.

Traveling person dreamed of seeing old lover come to see me:Suggest postponing travel for a few days.

Traveling people dreamed of a friend came to see me:Suggest smooth travel, postpone back.

Going to school dreamed of uncle mom sister come to see me:Means failing to be admitted as expected, the results are not ideal.

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