What does it mean when I dream of slotted water?

If you are pregnant and dream of opening a trough and letting out water:You are predicting the birth of a boy, and you should not move the earth to move the fetus to miscarry.

People in love dream of opening a trough to release water:Indicating that although there are ups and downs, lovers will eventually become lovers.

People dreaming of slots to release water:Means harmony and smooth as desired, although there is no obstacle to the right and wrong of the tongue.

People dreaming of doing business dreamed of slots letting in water:Representing less gain and more loss, frank city to get along with, down-to-earth to do to gain profit.

Dreaming of opening a trough to release water:Multi-tasking makes your brain more flexible. If you don't want to go out, it's not bad to rely on the telephone hotline to pass on your love. Spend a small amount of money to fulfill a good mood. Some things need your patience to communicate with others.

If you dream of putting water in a cistern:You will make a lot of money.

People in love dream of seeing a village sluicing:Indicating that meeting an object in a coincidence, unfavorable for a guest, marriage can be accomplished.

People who are traveling dream of seeing a canal just letting out water:Suggest going out safely as expected.

For those who are in love:Dreaming of seeing a dam releasing water, suggests that marriage may be expected.

According to Zhouyi five elements analysis:The lucky color is red, lucky number is 1, peach blossom position is in the southwest direction, wealth position is in the west direction, lucky food is fish.

A pregnant woman dreaming of letting water out of her field is predicting the birth of a daughter. Autumn and winter will bring about the birth of a boy.

Those who dreamed of seeing a village slotted with people putting things in it:Suggesting that several times of obstruction cannot be accomplished, but winter can be out of the country.

Pregnant people dreaming of village slots:Predicting the birth of a boy, August birth of a girl, moving the fetus to prevent miscarriage.

Traveling people dreamed of river dam sluice release water:Suggests more evil, on the way property is stolen.

Doing business dreamed of releasing water to catch fish:Representing slower progress, wealth can be obtained.

Traveling person dreamed of car letting water out:Suggest windy and rainy less go out.

People dreaming of village slots:Means emotionally unstable, all things erratic, should be guarded for good.

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