What does dreaming about spitting and finding blood symbolize?

For a businessman who dreamt of spitting and finding blood:It represents unfavorable business operation, strengthen the seminar to improve and then reorganize the business.

A pregnant woman dreaming of spitting up phlegm and finding blood is predicting the birth of a boy:While a girl is expected in summer. Surgery is recommended.

People in love dreaming of spitting up sputum and then realizing it is fresh blood:Suggesting that after three years of trials and tribulations, they will finally get something and the marriage will be a success.

If you dream of spitting sputum and finding it is blood:It means more enrichment and learning, no need to compare with each other, and more cultivation will bring you peace.

According to Zhouyi five elements analysis:The lucky color is black, the wealth position is in the east direction, the peach blossom position is in the northwest direction, the lucky number is 7, the lucky food is mushrooms.

People who go to school dreaming of a funeral found to be the old man of the family:Can not be admitted, more efforts to do so.

Doing business dreamed of waking up and finding a graveyard:On behalf of not suitable for big investment, small investment, your help to get money.

Pregnant people dreaming of koi carp found to be papier-mâché:Predicting the birth of a girl, if it is a male fetus, can not keep.

Traveling people dream of a star accident later found to be a friend:Suggests such as traveling, be careful when the wind.

People in love dreamed of taking a bath and then found a lot of blood spitting out of the mouth:Indicating that the first love has many twists and turns, and then become a couple, marriage smooth.

People in love dreamed of money in the water:Picked up and found to be plutonium, suggests that as long as mutual communication, not conflict of opinion.

Those who dreamed of koi carp and found it to be papier-mâché:Suggesting that if you encounter wind, you should postpone your departure for a few days.

People who go to school dreaming of gargling but find dirty water:Means the score is on the edge of admission, not very optimistic.

Those who dreamed of seeing money in the water and found it to be plutonium represent that they should not cooperate with each other and be kept in the dark:And any change is unfavorable to loss of wealth.

Pregnant people dreaming of pregnancy but later found to be false:Predicting the birth of a male, do not move the fetus.

Travelers dreaming of thieves entering their homes and finding out that they are their classmates:Suggest postponing the departure or canceling the outing.

A pregnant woman dreaming of spitting up phlegm and then vomiting blood predicts the birth of a girl.

A businessman dreaming of a koi carp found to be made of paper represents suffering from destructive blows:Resulting in unfavorable operation and losses.

People dreaming of a funeral found to be the old man of the family:All things do not go well, health is not good, it is advisable to take care of more.

People dreaming of going to school dreamed of taking a few steps and finding a frozen pond:Meaning that they will be admitted as they wish.

People in love dreaming of screaming out loud but realizing it is a dream means that they can expect to get married.

For a traveler to dream of getting married only to find out it was a joke:Suggests traveling as smoothly as you wish.

People dreaming of having money in the water and finding it to be plutonium means that family storms are unavoidable and can be resolved with harmony and forbearance.

Pregnant people dreaming of marriage found after a joke:Predicting the birth of a man, do not approach the water, prevent miscarriage.

People in love dreamed of picking up gold and found it to be fake:Suggesting that after many trials and tribulations, it can be expected to be married.

People dreaming of picking up a cell phone and discovering it's a fake means poor grades and failure to be admitted.

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