I dreamt that a river was fast and someone crossed it, but I didn't, okay?

If you are traveling and dream of a river with strong water:You are advised not to change your itinerary arbitrarily.

People doing business dreamed that the river was very fast and I didn't cross it:Representing many obstacles in business and slow growth, but auspicious and profitable.

School people dreaming of river water is very fast someone crossing the river I did not pass:Means poor performance in arts, oral examination difficult to pass, failed to be admitted.

People dreaming of a river is very fast:I did not cross the river, means that in between the advance and retreat, all things are careful, be careful to prevent small people.

Pregnant people dreamed that the river was very fast and someone crossed the river without me:Predicting the birth of a daughter. In February, a man will be born, but be careful not to bump into him.

Pregnant people dreamed of not to no past familiar woman:Predicting the birth of a man, the mother's body is weak, the spring birth of a woman.

If a businessman dreams of not crossing a river:It means that there will be many obstacles at first and losses will be incurred, but if you have confidence and then you will be successful in gaining money.

Those who traveled dreamed of crossing a river with very fast water:Suggesting that there is no need to fight for a while, and choosing another date to go on a trip.

A pregnant woman dreaming of ashes but not passing away predicts the birth of a girl:And a boy in September.

Pregnant people dreaming of a man who has not passed away predict a male child:Be careful not to move the fetus.

Those who dreamed of not passing an exam imply that they will not be admitted to the university as they wish.

People dreaming of businessmen dreaming of people who have not passed the test:Representing a pause or unfavorable business operation, it is advisable to guard.

Those who dreamt of crossing a river and the water spreading over the bridge did not pass:Suggest to proceed according to the original plan. It is better not to change the itinerary.

Doing business dreamed that the interview did not pass:Represents the last one or two years more unfavorable, later smooth money.

A businessman dreaming of crossing a river with very fast water represents a shift in business location:Financial gain, but inviting wrongdoing.

Pregnant people dreaming of not passing the examination:Giving birth to a girl, winter occupying the birth of a boy. Be careful to prevent miscarriage of a moving fetus.

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