Dreaming of giving someone a perm

For a traveler to dream of giving someone a perm:There are many obstacles, postpone the trip.

A pregnant person dreaming of giving someone a perm predicts the birth of a daughter or twins:Smooth and safe.

People dreaming of giving someone a perm:Bad luck in exams, bad grades, better to work harder.

People dreaming of giving someone a perm means poor grades in liberal arts:Difficulty in passing the oral examination, failure to be admitted.

Traveling people dreaming of giving someone a perm:Suggest according to the original way back and forth, delay a day or two to go home no harm.

People dreaming of giving someone a perm in the year of one's birth mean that although the bad luck has passed:It has not gone smoothly, and one should keep things in order.

If you dream of having your hair permed:You will be cured soon and happy days will come.

For those who go to school:Dreaming of someone perming their hair, means that they will have to go through twists and turns before they can pass the exams as they wish.

For those who are traveling:Dreaming of getting a perm, suggests a smooth journey.

For a businessman to dream of giving his daughter a perm represents that although his business is not yet stable:It is already on track.

People in business dreamed of giving someone a perm:Representing business losses and many chores, within three places, it is advisable to retreat and defend, not to make big investments.

Pregnant people dreaming of others ironing their hair:Foretelling the birth of a daughter, spring month accounted for the birth of a man, peace.

Those who dreamed of seeing someone else's head permed:Suggesting that there is something wrong with the date of the trip.

People in love dreaming of giving someone a perm:Turning against each other, treating each other honestly in their feelings, marriage can be accomplished.

People who are traveling dreamt of me perming my hair:Nobles help, travel as expected auspicious.

People in love dreamed of giving daughter permed hair:Indicates that both personalities are conservative due to stubbornness, should understand each other.

Pregnant person dreamed of giving someone a perm:Give birth to a male, summer month give birth to a female, be careful to prevent accidents.

Pregnant dreamer dreamed of perming one's own hair:Giving birth to a male, mother's body is damaged, more maintenance.

People dreaming of others perming their hair in the year of life means tongue and cheek:Be careful against being implicated, framed, and the disaster of lawsuits.

Those who dreamed of traveling dreamed of being burned by cigarette butts:Many twists and turns in going out, postponing going out.

People dreaming of giving someone a perm in their hair in their current year of life:Wealth does not gather, no income, beware of fire and water, husband and wife rebel.

People dreaming of doing business dreamed of others having their hair burned:On behalf of initially encountering obstacles to unfavorable operation, after reorganization, it will be smooth.

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