Meaning of Dreaming of a Power Leak in Public Housing

To dream of a leakage of electricity in a public housing unit in one's current year of life means to be promoted in one's position and to be cautious of bloodshed.

Dreaming of a public housing leakage:Physical and mental comfort day, artistic taste is also very good. Whether you are creating your own work or enjoying someone else's exhibit, you will benefit greatly. And from the beginning of the year until now there is no progress in things or plans, will gradually see signs of movement. It's also a good day to come up with some new ideas for those old cases.

Travelers dreaming of power line leakage:Smooth as desired peace.

Travelers dreaming of balcony leakage:Suggests going out safe.

Traveling people dreamed of home wires leakage:As scheduled departure.

People who go to school dreaming of moving out of a rented room and going back to it:Means not as good as the previous one and failing to get on the list.

Pregnant people dreaming of a leakage of electricity in a flat:Foretelling the birth of a daughter, winter occupying the birth of a male, preventing miscarriage.

People who go to school dreaming of a leakage of electricity in a flat means that their grades fail to meet the admission standard.

Traveling people dreaming of electric gate leakage explosion is blown up:Suggests as scheduled departure auspicious.

Traveling people dreaming of electric switch leakage explosion:Suggests in case of rain will be postponed, disagreement and postponement.

Pregnant people dreaming of switch leakage:Foretelling the birth of a male, fall occupying the birth of a female, pay attention to diet.

People in love dreamed of rice pot leakage:Suggesting that after many trials and tribulations

People who are traveling dreamed of frog spider wire leakage:Advised to meet rain, postponement before departure.

People who go to school dreamed of cell phone leakage:Implies bad grade in liberal arts, affects admission.

Pregnant person dreamed of home leakage of electricity and fire:Foretells birth of a daughter, have to restrain.

Traveling people dreamed of cell phone leakage:Suggests getting stuck on the way, postponing the trip.

Traveler dreamed of electric car leakage:Suggests on the way to have a quarrel no harm, smooth round trip.

Traveling person dreamed of upstairs leakage:Suggests rain stops, postpones travel.

People who go to school dreamed of leakage of electricity with flashing light:Apply for examination with normal mind, can be admitted.

Traveling person dreamed of charger leakage being electrocuted:Encountered thunderstorm, postponed departure.

Traveling people dreaming of an electric fan leaking electricity and catching fire:Suggests traveling smoothly as scheduled.

Pregnant people dreaming of electric leakage and sparks:Predicting the birth of a daughter, postponing the date of delivery.

Pregnant person dreamed of water leakage and electricity leakage at home:Giving birth to a boy, don't go near the water, prevent miscarriage.

A pregnant woman dreaming of a refrigerator leaking electricity predicts the birth of a girl. A male child is expected in winter.

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