Do you dream that your neighborhood is on fire?

For a businessman to dream that his neighborhood is on fire represents that things are not going very well and he should always be prepared for changes. Rectify and modify.

A pregnant woman dreaming of a fire in her neighborhood is predicting the birth of a daughter. Spring occupies the birth of a man:Avoid moving the earth to move the fetus.

School dreamed of their own neighborhood on fire:Means not as expected, regret. Prepare well.

For those who are in love to dream that their neighborhood is on fire:It means that the man is older than the woman, and they are separated due to parental disapproval.

People dreaming of a fire in their own neighborhood mean that they will gain wealth and make money in real estate if they act in a moderate manner.

People who go to school dreaming that their bed is on fire and then their old house is on fire means that they have poor grades in liberal arts and fail to be admitted.

Traveling people dreaming of their house on fire:Suggest going out as scheduled.

Pregnant people dreamed of seeing their neighborhood house falling down:Predicting the birth of a daughter, be careful of miscarriage, don't see the killing of animals.

People in love dreamed of home neighborhood house collapsed:Suggests that after three years of testing, finally get something, marriage into a successful.

Traveling people dreamed that their store was on fire:Suggested to proceed according to the plan, can be safe.

Traveling people dreamed that they set someone's house on fire:Suggest postponing the trip.

Pregnant people dreaming of fire:Predicting the birth of a boy, autumn occupying the birth of a girl, be careful to prevent the fetus died in the womb.

Traveling people dreaming of their clothes burning on fire:Suggest to choose another date to go out.

Pregnant people dreaming of their house on fire:A baby girl, avoid moving earth.

A traveler dreaming of his car catching fire is advised to travel as scheduled.

Traveler dreamed of his house on fire:Be careful in everything, don't be in a hurry can be safe.

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