What does it mean to dream that you haven't seen a corncob?

If you dream of picking up cornstalks:It means that you will have to go through twists and turns before you can pass the exams as you wish.

If you are traveling and dream of not seeing a corncob picker:You are advised to go fast and return quickly, but if you are slow or change, you will be unfavorable.

Doing business dreamed of not seeing picking up cornstalks:On behalf of internal personnel adjustments can be expected to go smoothly, otherwise the loss is greater.

A pregnant woman dreaming of picking up cornstalks predicted the birth of a male child:While a female child was born in summer. If labor is difficult, it is advisable to be careful.

A person dreaming of picking cornstalks means that there will be obstacles in the spring and summer and then things will go smoothly:And the person will be able to get wealth and profit.

Pregnant people dreaming of peeling corncobs foretell the birth of a daughter:But be careful not to be exposed to wind and cold.

A traveler dreaming of eating corncobs suggests proceeding as scheduled.

A traveler dreaming of picking up corncobs suggests going out smoothly and proceeding as scheduled.

Pregnant people dreaming of corn cobs:Give birth to a boy, summer occupying the birth of a girl, prevent miscarriage.

People in love dreaming of family members picking up corncobs:Suggesting that relatives have opinions, do not be discouraged, there is hope for marriage.

Pregnant people dreamed of picking up corncobs:Predicting the birth of a daughter, be careful not to move the fetus.

People dreaming of eating corncobs:Poor performance in liberal arts, can not be admitted.

People in love dreaming of raw corncobs and cooked corncobs:Suggests that after many trials and tribulations

For a businessman to dream of raw corn on the cob and cooked corn on the cob:Represents an unfavorable spring, but good luck once summer and fall arrive.

A pregnant woman dreaming of cooking corn on the cob predicts the birth of a male child.

A pregnant woman dreaming of her family picking up corncobs predicts the birth of a daughter; a man in winter:Be cautious of miscarriage beyond the expected date of delivery.

Traveling people dreamed of giving corn cobs to others:Suggest smooth progress, be careful of fire and water.

A pregnant woman dreaming of picking up corncobs is expected to give birth to a boy; a girl is expected to be born in July or August.

Dreaming of raw corn cobs and cooked corn cobs:This two days of emotions a little to the limit of the feeling, it is easy to burst. In the face of the flood of bad emotions, it is better not to force yourself.

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