Meaning of Dreaming of Frog Skin

A traveler dreaming of a frog with its skin retreated:Postpones another trip.A pregnant woman dreaming of frog skin predicts the birth of a daughter:Avoiding earth moving... Read more

Dreaming of frogs eating spiders

If you dream of frogs eating spiders:You will fail to get what you want.Those who dreamt of frogs eating spiders on a trip traveled smoothly:But were not feeling well on ... Read more

Dreaming of being nailed by frogs

A pregnant woman dreaming of being nailed by frogs will give birth to a male child.Doing business dreamed of being nailed by frogs:First have losses, reorganize and then ... Read more

Dream:Bitten palm

A pregnant woman dreaming of being bitten by a frog on the palm of her hand predicts the birth of a daughter:But beware of fire and water.For a businessman to dream of be... Read more

What does frog eating gecko mean

If you are traveling and dream of a frog eating a gecko:You are advised to postpone your departure when it rains.People in love dreaming of frogs eating geckos:Suggests t... Read more