Do you dream of a deceased father?

For a businessman to dream of a deceased father represents wealth and fortune.If you dream of seeing your deceased father alive:You will have to face some obstacles, but ... Read more

Dreaming of Death Laughing at Me

Pregnant people dreaming of the Grim Reaper laughing at me:Predicting the birth of a daughter, winter occupying the birth of a man, pay attention to dietary restraint.Peo... Read more

Dreaming of the Edge of Death

For a person who goes to school to dream of the death of a fellow student means that he is near the brink of admission.A traveler dreaming of being on the verge of death ... Read more

Do you dream of death crosses?

A pregnant woman dreaming of a death cross is predicting the birth of a male child:While a female child is expected in the fall, and she should pay attention to her diet.... Read more