Dreaming of feeding a sick bird

A pregnant woman dreaming of feeding a sick bird foretells the birth of a male child:And more care for the mother.A pregnant woman dreaming of feeding a sick bird predict... Read more

Dreaming I'm growing

For a businessman to dream that I am feeding a bird represents unfavorable operation:Slow growth and stopping business at a loss.A businessman dreaming that I am taking p... Read more

A dream about a beautiful bird

A dream about a nice looking bird means that you will not be able to get what you want and you will have to come back later.If you are pregnant and dream of a nice lookin... Read more

Dreaming of Plant Birds

For a traveler to dream of a bird and plant dung:It suggests obstruction and postponement of departure.For those who go to school:Dreaming of birds and plants dung, means... Read more