Meaning of dreaming about a meeting and performing a program

If a traveler dreams of a company meeting where colleagues perform a show:He is advised to go in winter, or else postpone the departure.

A pregnant woman dreaming of a meeting and a show predicts the birth of a male child:While a female child is expected in the fall. Pay attention to diet and hygiene.

People in love dreamed of company meeting colleague performance program:Suggests concentric correspondence, marriage can be accomplished.

People in love dreamed of meeting performance program:Suggests mastering the timing of the proposal will be fruitful, marriage can be accomplished.

People in business dreamed of company meeting colleague performing program:Represents smooth obtaining wealth and making money joyfully.

Pregnant person dreamed of performing program desire:Foretells giving birth to male, spring occupies giving birth to female.

Traveling people dreamed of performing programs:As scheduled travel, smooth.

People in love dreamed of asking me to perform a program I didn't perform:Indicating that it takes time to cultivate feelings, marriage slowly can be accomplished.

Pregnant person dreamed of seeing her daughter performing in a program:Giving birth to a girl. A male child is born in January and February.

Traveling people dreamed of several angels performing programs:Suggests that in case of water and fire be careful, can be postponed to go out.

A traveler dreaming of seeing his daughter performing in a program when she was a child is advised to go out as scheduled.

People dreaming of meeting and performing programs in their birthday year:Implying that one should not be arrogant and slow in one's intention, and that it is better to guard than to advance, and that bravado will lead to a dilemma.

Pregnant people dreaming of preparing for a performance program:Foretelling the birth of a boy, the mother is unfavorable, careful care.

A businessman dreaming of several angels performing a program represents the failure of marriage.

Those who dreamed of forgetting the words in a performance suggest stopping in case of rain and postponing the departure.

People dreaming of watching a program behind a performance means to be cautious against official symbols:Or the plague of criminal jail, and to be less concerned about friends' affairs.

Pregnant people dreaming of watching a program at the back of a show predicts that a woman will be born in spring and a man in winter.

Pregnant people dreaming of son performs the program:Foretells the birth of a daughter, avoid moving the earth to move the fetus.

Pregnant people dreaming of dreaming of their own performances:Predicting the birth of a daughter, be careful to prevent miscarriage.

People dreaming of having a company meeting where colleagues perform programs means that family turmoil is unavoidable; tolerance and trust are needed to resolve the disaster.

Doing business dreamed of meeting performance program:Represents gain less loss more, frank city get along, down-to-earth to do profit.

Doing business dreamed to call me to perform the program I did not perform:Represents favorable intermediary, the middle plate business, get wealth and profit. Be careful to prevent theft and loss of property.

Doing business dreamed that daughter performs program:Operating smoothly, making money benefit, just progress slower.

Pregnant person dreamed of calling me to perform program I didn't perform:Predicted the birth of a boy, dietary caution, avoid moving earth.

Traveling people dreamed of attending performance program:Suggest too hot less to, postpone a few days departure.

Traveler dreamed of performing show behind watching program:Suggests postponing three days to go out smoothly.

People dreaming of going to school dreamed of performing on stage:Implying that there are many obstacles, but will be admitted in the end.

Pregnant people dreaming of watching children perform a program:Predicting the birth of a daughter, do not move the earth.

Pregnant people dreaming of a failed performance program foretells the birth of a male child; be careful with food and drink and avoid moving the earth.

Pregnant person dreamed of receiving a flower ball of a performance program:Predicted the birth of a boy, be careful to prevent miscarriage, avoid moving earth.

Pregnant people dreamed of seeing a child performing on stage:Predicting the birth of a girl, be careful with diet.

Traveling people dreamed of male classmates performing a show:Suggesting to change the date of departure.

Pregnant person dreamed of preparing to sing in a performance program:Predicted the birth of a daughter, pay more attention to diet.

People in love dreamed of watching a program behind a performance:Suggesting that due to the big age difference, parents do not agree, only let nature take its course.

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