Dreaming of my mother's blindness

People traveling dreaming of their mother losing her sight in both eyes suggest delaying their trip for a few days in case of rain.

People in love dreaming of their mother losing her eyesight suggests that mutual understanding will lead to marriage.

People dreaming of seeing their mother losing her eyesight means that they will not be able to fulfill their wishes and will come back later.

A pregnant woman dreaming of her mother losing her eyesight predicts the birth of a male child:A female child in summer, and fewer trips to faraway places.

Those who are traveling dreamed of seeing their family members losing their eyesight:Suggesting a smooth and feasible journey.

Pregnant people dreamed of seeing her blindness:A woman, spring to give birth to a man, to prevent miscarriage.

People in love dreamed of seeing boyfriend blind:Suggests temperament intolerance, mutual forbearance marriage can be accomplished.

People dreaming of blind patients cobra:Means that in seeking to be sure to get, smooth as expected, be careful to prevent rumors of lawsuits.

This year's people dreaming of son blindness installed false eyes:Means dietary caution, friends betrayal of trust, money exchanges, should be cautious.

Dreaming that one's own eyes are blind means that one should not trust one's relatives and friends:And one should not trust one's wife and children.

If you dream of seeing your parents losing their eyesight in the current year of your life:You should not act rashly in your affairs, and peace and harmony will make you rich. Smooth as expected.

People dreaming of losing sight of both eyes represent not to do diet:Fishery and trade, but other things can be smooth.

Pregnant people dream of seeing a blind patient cobra:Predicting the birth of a daughter. Winter occupies the birth of a male.

Doing business dreamed of seeing his son blind:Represents the beginning of business is unfavorable, rectify a bit, more smooth.

Pregnant people dreaming of family blindness:Predicting the birth of a woman, spring accounted for the birth of a man, be careful to prevent fetal death.

People dreaming of seeing their mothers blind:Means that they have nothing to do and less to go out for good, smooth and pass.

People in love dreaming of mother blind:Suggesting that re-talking, concepts of accommodation, marriage can be accomplished.

Doing business dreamed of seeing parents blind:Favorable fortune, socializing should be careful.

Doing business dreamed that mother lost sight of both eyes:Represents in smooth must guard against setbacks, careful not to expand investment.

Doing business dreamed of boyfriend blindness:Represents intermediary get wealth, grasp good opportunity.

Doing business dreamed of seeing oneself blind and blind:Success and fame, money in and out be careful.

People in love dreaming of loved ones blindness:Indicates that if have patience to wait, one day become husband and wife.

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