How do you dream of a mask?

To dream of a mask means to be deceived.

A pregnant woman dreaming of a mask predicts the birth of a male child and a delayed birth.

A traveler dreaming of his wife wearing a mask suggests safe coming and going.

Traveling person dreamed of washing the mask bad:As scheduled travel, smooth.

People who go to school dreaming of wearing a mask:Means failing to pass the exam.

People who are traveling dreaming of a mask with a broken strap:Suggest choosing another date to go out again.

Pregnant people dreaming of a woman wearing a mask:Foretelling the birth of a male child, the fetus is strong, be careful of the passport during delivery.

Traveling people dreaming of someone putting a mask on his face:Suggesting to be careful in case of water, can return home safely.

Pregnant people dreaming of muzzling a white dog:Predicting the birth of a male in winter, be careful of miscarriage.

Pregnant people dreaming of others send me a mask:Predicting the birth of a male, fall occupying the birth of a female.

Pregnant people dreamed of seeing his wife wearing a mask:Predicting the birth of a male, be cautious of miscarriage, avoid moving earth.

Traveling people dreamed of lovers send mask:Suggest less go far away, delay and then set off.

People dreaming of traveling see dog wearing muzzle:Suggest smooth as desired, as scheduled travel.

People in love dreaming of Buddha wearing a muzzle:Suggests after many tests, can hope to get married.

Those who dreamed of seeing Buddha wearing a white muzzle suggest a smooth trip after a slight delay of a few days.

Those who dreamt of Buddha wearing a mask while traveling suggest changing the date of departure in case of wind and rain.

People who go to school dreaming of buying a mask:Implies poor performance in science, hindering the admission score.

People dreaming of traveling dreamed of someone giving me a mask:Suggests stopping in case of rain or wind, postponing another trip.

A pregnant woman dreaming of buying a mask predicts the birth of a daughter; a man in winter prevents a miscarriage.

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