Dream:Bad leg

A traveler dreaming of a table with a broken leg is advised to postpone his departure in case of rain.

A traveler dreaming of a broken leg suggests going out less often and postponing a trip.

Pregnant people dreaming of a broken leg:Give birth to a daughter, avoid moving earth, eat and drink carefully.

Traveling people dreaming of someone's child with a broken leg:Have a storm then postpone going out.

People who go to school dreaming of table legs broken:Means poor grades, can not be admitted.

Traveling people dreaming of dreaming I broke someone's eyeglasses leg:Suggest postponing departure again.

Doing business dreamed of eyeglasses legs broken:Represents unfavorable operation, strengthen seminar to improve and then reorganize operation.

Pregnant person dreamed of table leg broken:Foretells giving birth to a boy, mother's body has damage, more maintenance.

Pregnant people dreaming of a broken leg:Predicting the birth of a male, summer occupying the birth of a female. The south less go.

People in love dreamed of other people's children legs broken:Marriage can be accomplished, but postponement of marriage, auspicious celebration.

People in love dreaming of a third brother with a broken leg:Indicating that mutual honesty, marriage can be accomplished.

Traveling person dreamed of fiancé's leg broken crutches:Suggests encountering rain postponement, departure peace.

Pregnant person dreamed of leg scratches bad:Give birth to a male, avoid moving the earth to scare the fetus god is not good.

Pregnant people dreaming of chair legs broken:Predicting the birth of a girl, in September and October to give birth to a man.

Traveling people dreamed of driving a little girl's legs broken:Suggest stormy weather, delayed departure.

Traveler dreamed of glasses legs broken:Suggest smooth as expected, if the wind is strong, postpone the departure.

Traveling man dreamed of father's leg broken in a car accident:Suggested wind mostly careful, or postpone departure for a few days.

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