What does it mean when you dream that the lentils you planted didn't come out?

A traveler dreaming of planted lentils that didn't come out is advised to have a smooth journey.

A pregnant woman dreaming of planting lentils predicts the birth of a daughter:While a man is expected in the spring. Do not move the earth, it will move the fetus.

People dreaming of planted lentils do not come out:Means joyful everything as smooth.

Doing business dreamed of planting lentils did not come out:On behalf of entrepreneurship first have difficulties, not smooth, this summer is coming gradually smooth.

People dreaming of lentils did not come out:Means that a subject of literature is slightly unsatisfactory, acceptance is expected.

Pregnant people dream of lentils and barley stewed chicken feet:Give birth to a daughter. Winter occupies the birth of a man.

Dreaming of planted lentils did not come out:The beginning of a new relationship with high hopes, so that both sides are immersed in the beautiful picture of fantasy; financial luck to reach the most desirable heights, not as good as the decision-making power into the hands of trusted partners, established leisure and get money; work too introverted will lose many opportunities.

Dreaming of lentils symbolizes quarrels.

People in love dream of ginger lentils:Although there are conceptual deviations, after communication that is good.

People dreaming of lentils with big flowers:Suggest waiting for the fall and winter seasons before traveling.

Traveler dreaming of lentils in pepper oil:Be careful in the wind, smooth.

Pregnant people dreaming of lentil seeds:Foretelling the birth of a daughter, related to ancestral graves.

Traveler dreaming of wild lentils:Suggests changing the date of departure, be careful when encountering water.

Traveler dreaming of ginger lentils:In case of rain, delay departure again.

A pregnant woman dreaming of bitter gourd and lentils predicts the birth of a male child.

Traveling people dreamed of knotting a lot of lentils:Suggests postponing departure again for some reason.

Dreaming of a woman with lentils means that she will not be admitted to school as she wishes.

Pregnant people dreamed of many lentils:Foretelling the birth of a daughter, less go out to climb the mountain.

Businessman dreaming of lentils in pepper oil:Practical operation, smooth as desired.

Pregnant people dreaming of women lentils:Foretelling the birth of a daughter, prevent miscarriage.

People in love dreamt of piglets eating lentils:Suggests that after many trials and tribulations

Pregnant people dreaming of piglets eating lentils:Foretelling the birth of a daughter, smooth and safe mother and child.

Doing business dreamed of yellow flowers feather lentils:Represents several changes, profit ups and downs, need to readjust.

Travelers dreaming of lentil clothes:Suggests that rain will stop, postpone and then go out.

People dreaming of green lentils:Poor science results, will not affect the admission score.

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