Do you dream of your lover being beaten by your father?

If you are traveling and dream that your lover is beaten by your father:You are advised to go out as scheduled and make fewer changes.

A pregnant woman dreaming of her lover being beaten by her father predicts the birth of a daughter:While a man is expected in spring. Caution against miscarriage.

Doing business dreamed of lover being beaten by father:Represents operating loss loss more, better to retreat and defend for good.

People in love dreamed that their lover was beaten by their father:Suggesting that there is a slight resolution of the impasse, slowly communicating after the marriage can be accomplished.

The person who dreamed of seeing his lover being beaten by his father:Means that there is a chance to get wealth and profit in business, although there is no harm in the words of right and wrong.

People dreaming of seeing their lover being beaten by family members in their current year of life:Means big changes and big losses, pay attention to safety when going out for a long trip.

People dreaming of seeing their lover's phone not working means poor performance in arts and sciences:Can hope to be admitted.

Dreams of people dreaming of loved one being beaten:Means in between advance and retreat, be careful of all things, be careful of small people.

Dreaming of lover being beaten by father:According to Zhouyi five elements analysis, lucky color is purple, peach blossom bit in the west direction, wealth in the northwest direction, lucky number is 8, lucky food is dumplings.

People who are traveling dream of seeing their lover being abducted and sold:As scheduled departure auspicious.

People in love dreaming of seeing their lover's phone not working:Suggests that after many trials and tribulations, one can hope to get married.

People in love dreamt of lover being beaten:Indicates that relatives have opinions, don't be discouraged, finally have hope to get married.

Doing business dreamed of seeing lover's father:Represents remove old vice, reorganize and operate again.

Doing business dreamed that loved one was beaten by family members:Represents due to the inability to unite and cooperate, resulting in unfavorable business operation.

A pregnant woman dreaming of seeing her lover being beaten by her family predicts the birth of a boy. In March and April:A woman was born, preventing miscarriage.

Doing business dreamed that her lover's phone call could not be completed:Representing financial gain, business is slightly impeded, preventing lawsuits.

Doing business dreamed that his lover beat his daughter:On behalf of the operation does not take advantage of the loss, and there are rumors of slander.

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