What does it mean when I dream that I'm kissing boys in the eyes?

A pregnant person dreaming that I kissed a boy in the eyes:Gives birth to a daughter with thinning hair. Prevent miscarriage.

Doing business dreamed I kissed a boy's eye:Remove old vices, reorganize and then operate.

People dreaming of me kissing a boy's eye:More alms, more merit, big lucky to get wealth and profit.

People in love dream that I kissed a boy's eyes:After a period of mutual understanding before the result.

Dreaming of me kissing boys' eyes:According to Zhouyi five elements analysis, lucky color is blue, lucky number is 4, peach blossom position in the south direction, wealth position in the north direction, lucky food is eggs.

People in love dreamed that I kissed a boy:Suggesting that the marriage can be accomplished, but postponed to welcome the wedding, auspicious celebration.

People in business dreaming of a boy kissing a boy on the mouth:Represents that it is advisable to retreat and defend, big business, big failure.

A pregnant woman dreaming of a boy kissing a boy:Foretells the birth of a boy. June and July to give birth to a girl.

People dreaming of my favorite boy kissing me ah:Means that there are ups and downs in everything, it is advisable to be careful. Go out and pay attention to safety, there is a disaster of blood.

Traveling people dream of kissing favorite boys:Suggest smooth going out, as scheduled.

Traveling people dreaming of being kissed in the eyes:Can go out as scheduled, smooth.

People dreaming of kissing a boy on the mouth means that your people will help you:Have confidence and get wealth and profit smoothly.

Traveling people dreamed that I kissed a boy:Suggest that in case of rain postpone departure for a few days.

People who go to school dreamed that I kissed a boy:Means good grades can be admitted. Be careful with the oral examination.

People in love dreaming of a boy kissing a boy on the mouth:Suggests that after a period of time to understand each other before the result.

Those who are traveling dreamed of boys kissing boys:Suggest that in case of wind and fog postpone the trip again.

Pregnant people dreamed that I let a strange boy kiss a strange girl:Predicting the birth of a man in the fall. Can't chop down trees, move the fetus.

Doing business dreamed that I let a strange boy kiss a strange girl:Representing financial gain, operating slow growth, smooth as desired.

People dreaming that I let a strange boy kiss a strange girl:Means to have decisive confidence, change the way of dealing with things, can achieve success.

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