I dreamt I was with my kindergarten classmates

If you are traveling and dream of being with kindergarten children:You are advised to go out smoothly, but be careful of thieves.

A pregnant woman dreaming of being with her kindergarten classmates is predicting the birth of a daughter:While a man is expected in the fall.

People in love dreaming of being with kindergarten children:Suggests that after many tests, marriage can be expected.

For those who dreamed of being with kindergarten children:It means that mutual respect and sincerity will gradually lead to success.

People dreaming of being with kindergarten children in the year of one's life implies that one can be loyal to others:Smooth as one wishes, and prosperous feng shui of one's home.

People in love dreaming of meeting kindergarten classmates means that they are unable to communicate their feelings with each other:And marriage is exempted.

People dreaming of going to the kindergarten with their sister:Means that in the stability of caution against injury, must be friends and relatives trapped in each other's care.

People who are traveling dreamed of kindergarten moved:Suggest to delay a few days to go home, safe and sound.

People in love dreamed of going to kindergarten with elder sister:Suggests stubbornness, rigidity, and hard to make peace with.

Doing business dreamed and junior high school classmates together:Spring accounted for wealth, summer accounted for unfavorable wealth.

People in love dreamed of boyfriend and classmates together:Indicating that both parents can agree, marriage can be accomplished.

Doing business dreamed of kindergarten classmates:On behalf of the loss of wealth is unfavorable, it is advisable to keep the old, not to re-invest.

Pregnant people dreamed of seeing teachers and classmates together:Predicting the birth of a boy, safe and smooth.

Pregnant people dreaming of kindergarten moving:Predicting the birth of a boy. June and July give birth to a girl.

To dream of a kindergarten means nobility.

A traveler dreaming of being with a female junior high school classmate suggests postponing the trip for a few days.

Traveler dreaming of boyfriend and classmate together:Suggests going out safely.

Pregnant person dreamed of seeing ex-boyfriend and former classmate together:Predicting the birth of a boy. Spring occupies the birth of a female, preventing the movement of the fetus.

Pregnant people dreamed of being with junior high school female classmates:Predicting the birth of a girl, fall occupying the birth of a man. Difficulty in labor, be careful.

A pregnant woman dreaming of going to kindergarten with her sister predicts the birth of a boy. A girl will be born in March or April. Beware of miscarriage.

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