Do you dream that I have a mistress?

A pregnant woman dreaming of having a mistress will give birth to a boy. A girl born in March:All difficult to raise.

If you are in love and dream that I have a mistress:Your marriage will be a success if you treat it with honesty and integrity.

People in business dreamt of me having a mistress:Smooth operation. At first, there are obstacles, and then the wealth and profit is great with.

Traveling people dreamt of me tolerating junior:Suggests having a companion to travel as scheduled, otherwise delay and then depart.

People in love dreamt of me and junior:Suggesting that there is honesty in treating marriage can be accomplished.

Doing business dreamed I scolded junior:On behalf of the current unprofitable, have patience management will be successful.

Traveling people dreamt of me being treated as a mistress:Suggests going out peacefully.

Pregnant people dreaming of my neighbor looking for a mistress:Foretelling the birth of a male, postponing the birth of the birth date.

Those who are traveling dreamed that I was treated as a mistress:Suggest abiding by the rules of travel. Do not change the journey.

People in love dreaming of me scolding a mistress:Suggests willingness, have integrity to get along with marriage can be accomplished.

Traveling person dreamed of me being husband's mistress:Suggest postponing to go out again.

Traveling person dreamed that I scolded junior:Suggests in case of rain postponement to go out again.

Traveling person dreamed that I became a mistress:Suggests that although there is delayed time to go back and forth, can be safe and sound.

People in love dreamed that I was a mistress and his wife didn't find out:Suggesting that marriage can be accomplished if there is honesty in the heart.

Pregnant people dreamt that I rebuked a mistress in front of my parents:Predicting the birth of a daughter, conceived three years later.

Pregnant people dreamed that I beat my husband's mistress:Predicting the birth of a daughter, do not move the earth.

Doing business dreamed that I was my ex-husband's mistress:There is money making and spending, wealth is difficult to gather, feng shui residence pay attention to some.

This year's people dreamed that I quarreled with junior:Means that there are entrepreneurial opportunities to gain wealth and profit, although there is no harm in the words of right and wrong.

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