Dreaming of a farewell gift

A pregnant woman dreaming of giving a glass of wine as a gift is predicting the birth of a male child:But her health is not good.

If you are traveling and dream of not sending a cup of wine:You are advised to postpone the trip if it rains, otherwise you can leave.

If you are in love:Dreaming of not giving away wine and cups, it means you can expect to get married. Be frank and sincere.

For those who dreamed of not sending wine and cups in the year of their birth:It implies that things will go smoothly, let bygones be bygones, and take a new step forward.

For those who dreamed of not sending a drink to a student:It means that you will be admitted to the exams with a normal mind.

People in love dreaming of don't give:Means there is misunderstanding, verbal disputes, as long as mutual understanding can be married.

People in love dreaming of giving two flower quilts to someone else:Suggesting mutual understanding and sincerity, marriage can be accomplished.

People in business dreaming of giving a white blanket to someone else represents a lot of wealth and profit in real estate.

People in love dreamed of giving a white gift:Suggesting that the timing of the marriage proposal will be fruitful, marriage can be accomplished.

Doing business dreamed of don't send his own clothes:Represents the first half of the year is unfavorable, the end of the year smooth, have wealth.

Pregnant person dreamed of don't send leather backpack to me:Foretelling the birth of a male, fall occupying the birth of a female, be careful to prevent miscarriage.

People dreaming of traveling don't send it:Suggest according to the original plan is auspicious, less change is good.

People in love dream see don't send leather backpack to me:Indicates that the two sides understand more and more clearly when, is the time of separation.

If you are pregnant and dream that your sister sends a watch to someone else:You are predicting the birth of a daughter. In the first and second months of the lunar calendar, a man will be born, but be careful not to bump into him.

A pregnant woman dreaming of her sister sending her clothes to someone else predicts the birth of a daughter:But be cautious of fetal demise.

A dream of a businessman dreaming of not giving away wine and cups represents a lot of business losses:It is better to retreat and defend.

People who dreamed of not sending their own chain:Means that science results are better, can make up for the lack of arts, can be admitted.

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