What does it mean to dream that His Majesty is giving us a meeting?

Doing business dreamed that the emperor is giving us a meeting:Represents that although the operation is not very smooth, but also have a profit.

People dreaming of meeting with the Emperor in the year of life:Means that there is a situation of isolation, it is appropriate to reflect more, improve the lack of no evil.

Dreaming of the emperor in the meeting for us:According to the Zhouyi five elements analysis, the lucky color is blue, lucky number is 1, peach blossom bit in the direction of the south, wealth in the direction of the north, the lucky food is bread.

Those who are traveling dreamed that the teacher is giving us a meeting:Suggesting that your people help you and travel as you wish for good luck.

Pregnant people dreamed that dad was giving us a place to fight for:Predicting the birth of a boy, be careful to prevent miscarriage and difficult to raise.

Traveling people dreaming of teacher giving us a group of students meeting:Suggest postponing going out for good.

Pregnant person dreamed of seeing teacher giving us class:Predicted birth of male, spring accounted for birth of female, do not overwork the fetus gas.

Doing business dreamed that father was giving us a place to fight:Representing spring accounted for wealth, summer accounted for unfavorable wealth.

People in love dreamed of cloth store closed in give us cloth:Indicate mutual understanding, sincere treatment, marriage can be accomplished.

School dreamed of cloth store closed in give us cloth:Means there are obstacles, determined to redouble efforts have hope of admission.

Pregnant people dreamed of seeing a meeting with classmates:Predicting the birth of a boy.

A pregnant woman dreaming of a teacher giving a meeting to a group of our classmates predicts the birth of a male child and a female child in August.

People in love dreamed of a teacher giving us a lecture:Suggesting that it takes time to cultivate feelings, and marriage can be accomplished slowly.

People dreaming of seeing their deceased father cooking for us means that they should not be double-minded:Unstable mood, nothing can be accomplished, and they should go out less.

Doing business dreamed that old in the meeting for classmates:On behalf of the market price rise, profit small, first loss after gain, from new reorganization business.

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