What does it mean to dream that someone's house is sinking?

A pregnant woman dreaming of someone's house sinking predicts a male child in spring and fall:And a female child in summer.

For those who are in love:Dreaming of someone's house sinking, suggests that marriage can be accomplished with honesty and sincerity.

People dreaming of other people's houses sinking:Means that the middle of the road to get wealth and profit, real estate have to make money.

Doing business dreamed of other people's house subsidence:Represents at first have difficulty, after a period of time into the interval after smooth time.

Traveling people dreaming of house brick sinking on gate tower:Suggest going out as scheduled.

People in love dreamed of grandmother's house sinking:Indicates that if they cannot trust each other, they will be destroyed by a third party and dispersed.

Pregnant people dreamed of seeing someone's house sinking into:Predicting the birth of a boy, be careful to prevent difficult labor.

Pregnant people dreaming of sinking into a house:Predicting the birth of a girl, less going out to climb a mountain.

Pregnant person dreamed of house bricks sinking in:Foretelling birth of a boy, smooth, fireplace careful.

Those who traveled dreamed of sand sinking:Suggest delaying travel for a few days.

Doing business dreamed that the wall of other people's house sinks:Represents having patience to carry on gaining profit and making money, summer is unfavorable.

A pregnant woman dreaming of her house sinking predicts the birth of a daughter. In the first and second months of the lunar calendar:A man will be born, but be careful not to bump into him.

Pregnant people dreaming of a newly rebuilt bridge sinking:Predicting the birth of a daughter, hair thinning. Prevent miscarriage.

People in business dreamed of seeing a doorway sinking into a house brick:Representing ups and downs and obstacles, internal reorganization and reopening.

People in love dreamed of falling into a sunken sand pit:Indicating that mutual understanding can lead to marriage.

People in love dreaming of house bricks sinking on a gate tower:Indicates after a period of verbal argument and then re-establishing feelings.

Dreaming of other people's houses sinking:According to Zhouyi five elements analysis, the wealth position is in the southwest direction, the peach blossom position is in the north direction, the lucky number is 0, the lucky color is yellow, the lucky food is duck eggs.

If a pregnant person dreams of a house sinking:It predicts that she will get a woman in spring and a man in winter.

People who go to school dreaming of a house brick sinking on the gatehouse means that it is close to the edge of admission:And it is advisable to make more efforts.

People dreaming of seeing a house brick sinking on a doorway in the current year of life means that things are not going well:Health is not good, or there are friends who betray their trust.

People in love dreaming of house sinking:Suggests that as long as the confidence is firm, marriage can be accomplished.

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