Dreams about Hooks

A dream of a businessman dreaming of the hair-trigger represents a down-to-earth operation that will go well as expected.

A pregnant woman dreaming of seeing a hair trigger predicts the birth of a male child:A female child in the summer months, and a careful diet.

For those who are in love:Dreaming of a hairpin indicates that marriage can be accomplished if you treat each other honestly and trust each other.

For those who dream of seeing a hairpin:It means being modest and courteous, and everything will go smoothly and harmoniously as expected.

According to Zhouyi five elements analysis:The lucky color is black, lucky number is 8, peach blossom position is in the east direction, wealth position is in the southeast direction, lucky food is sunflower.

If you dream of woolen thread:You are going to be rich. A woman dreaming of woolen thread is going to have a baby.

A woman dreaming of gemstones is auspicious. For a man to dream of gemstones is bad luck.

To dream of putty:Business is profitable; to dream of selling putty, to be rich.

To dream of going abroad is a bad omen. An old man dreaming of going abroad will leave this world.

To dream of taking part in a war:To do things with a far dream.

To dream of putty:Business will be profitable; to dream of selling putty, to be rich.

To dream of white rice paper - To dream of white rice paper is a good omen.

Dream interpretation:To dream of going to jail, symbolizes a change in life now.

To dream of pustules on the tip of the nose:To be promoted by a leader.

To dream of many frogs:A frugal and hard life. A sick person dreaming of many frogs will soon recover. A businessman dreaming of many frogs will make a fortune.

For a man to dream of pearls:His income will decrease. A woman dreaming of pearls will lose her jewelry.

To dream of a parrot flying.

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