Dreaming of face in hair and feet

For a person who goes to school to dream of having noodles in his hair and on his feet means that things will go well as expected and his grades will meet the admission standards.

For those who are in love:Dreaming of hair and feet on top of each other means that a marriage proposal will be fruitful.

If a pregnant woman dreamed that her hair and feet were covered with noodles:She would foretell the birth of a daughter; if she dreamed that she would give birth to a boy in winter, she would not be allowed to go to the temple within a week's time.

People in business dreaming of hair and feet covered with noodles:Representing the need to guard against setbacks in the midst of success, be careful not to expand investments.

People dreaming of hair and feet covered with noodles in the current year of life means that everything will go as it should:And that things will go smoothly as one wishes if one is compassionate.

Travelers dreaming of feet are crickets:Suggest that fire and water next to be careful, postpone the trip.

For a businessman to dream of hair on his pillow and on the floor:Represents slow progress and smooth progress to gain money, but should change more.

Pregnant people dreaming of maggots all over the ground and on my feet:Give birth to a boy, give birth to a girl in August, move the fetus to prevent miscarriage.

People dreaming in the current year of life that their feet are covered with poop:First bitter and then sweet, pay the price of hard work, and then recover later. Be careful against lawsuits.

Doing business dreamed of feet are muddy water:On behalf of a small person design, business is not smooth, a little change to smooth.

People dreaming of seeing crickets on their feet implies poor performance in liberal arts:But it will not affect the admission results.

A pregnant woman dreaming of having shit on her shoes and feet predicts the birth of a male child:While a female child will be born in April.

People in business dreaming of feet covered with mud:Representing profit and wealth, fame and fortune, should be handled with more caution.

People in love dreaming of hair on the feet:Indicating more obstacles, where there is a will there is a way.

People dreaming of mud on their feet means to be careful at the water's edge:To guard against loss of property and unavoidable family turmoil.

People in love dream of maggots all over the ground and on my feet:Because of the age difference, parents do not agree, only let nature take its course.

Pregnant people dreamed of seeing shit all over their feet:Giving birth to a boy, spring occupying the birth of a girl, be careful to prevent the fetus from being too heavy, difficult labor.

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