What does it mean to dream of being haunted?

A traveler dreaming of being told that a ghost is haunting him is advised to go out smoothly.

If you are traveling and dream that a ghost is haunting me:It would be better to postpone your trip for a few more days.

Traveling people dreaming of ghosts haunting them and being awakened with fear:Suggests going smoothly, departing as scheduled, safe.

A pregnant woman dreaming of being haunted by a ghost predicts the birth of a boy. In the summer:A girl will be born, and fewer people will go to the south.

Pregnant people dreaming of ghosts haunting me:Give birth to a girl. A boy will be born in December.

People dreaming of fortune-telling say ghosts haunting me means that family turmoil is unavoidable:But only peace and forbearance can be resolved.

Doing business dreamed a fish to me fortune teller said a ghost haunted:On behalf of appropriate to keep not big investment, can get wealth and profit, the south is good.

Doing business dreamed of being said to be haunted by ghosts:On behalf of smooth in a turn of painstaking struggle, there is wealth to be gained.

People in love dreamed that fortune teller said there are ghosts haunting me:Indicating mutual respect for each other, modest and courteous, marriage is promising.

Pregnant people dream that I have ghosts haunting me to kill me:Predicting the birth of a man, August accounted for the birth of a woman, Caesarean section is safer.

People dreaming of ghosts haunting me:Money in and out of caution, be careful against thieves property touch loss, or disaster of blood.

Doing business dreamed of a ghost haunting me:The day began to go well, there are obstacles in the middle of the road, perseverance can be gained wealth and profit.

People in love dreamed of a ghost haunting me:For sincere feeling, marriage can be accomplished.

Pregnant people dreaming of a fish giving me a fortune teller saying that a ghost is haunting me:Predicting the birth of a male child, the mother's body is weak, a female child in the spring.

According to Zhouyi five elements analysis:The lucky color is black, lucky number is 8, peach blossom position is in the east direction, wealth position is in the southeast direction, lucky food is chestnut.

People in love dreaming of a ghost haunting me to kill me:Suggesting that for a small matter and quarrel, should explain the misunderstanding clearly.

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