Dreaming of going to someone in authority

A pregnant woman dreaming of seeking authority predicts the birth of a daughter; a man in the spring is expected; be careful not to move the fetus.

A dream of a businessman dreaming of seeking authority represents many ups and downs and obstacles; one should reorganize the internal affairs before opening a business.

People dreaming of seeking authority in the current year of life:Means to guard against official symbols, all things are not good, it is better to guard than to enter, a little bit of wealth and profit.

People in love dreaming of going to seek an authoritative person means that if they cannot trust each other:They will be undermined by a third party and dispersed.

According to Zhouyi's five elements analysis:Wealth is in the east direction, peach blossom is in the west direction, lucky number is 1, lucky color is orange, lucky food is green onion.

People who go to school dreaming of seeing a dog begging to be hugged and adopted means that although the obstacles are big:You should have determination and perseverance to take the examination.

People in business dreaming of going to beg their ex-boyfriend to make up:Represents that keeping the old business is profitable, less change is better.

People in love dreamed of going to the dead grandmother told me to go to seek Goddess of Mercy:Suggests that after many tests, can hope to get married.

People in business dreamed of going to seek Buddha with mom:Representing not being able to go smoothly and having losses, changing industry and starting another business.

Pregnant people dreamed that I went to ask my ex to get back together:Predicting the birth of a daughter, avoid moving earth, prevent miscarriage.

People dreaming of going to hangzhou:Means that in seeking must get, smooth as expected, be careful to prevent rumors of lawsuits.

Traveling people dreamed of going to the temple to seek blessings for their boyfriends:Windy will stop, clear will travel.

Traveling people dreaming of going to a temple to burn incense and worship God to seek peace:Suggest going out smoothly, as scheduled.

Travelers dreaming of going to a temple to kowtow for peace:Suggest postponing the departure again.

Traveling people dreaming of Guanyin opening the treasury day they go to seek worship:Suggest going in winter, otherwise postpone the departure.

Pregnant people dreamed of going to the temple to kowtow to seek peace:Predicting the birth of a daughter, spring occupying the birth of a male, avoid moving earth, cutting wood.

Traveling people dreamed that I went to beg my predecessor to get back together:It is recommended to proceed as scheduled, smooth and safe.

People who go to school dreamed of going to the temple to seek charms for the object:Study hard for many years have hope to be admitted, the southern district is favorable.

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