Dreams about Kannon Crush

A traveler dreaming of Guanyin crushing is advised to go out smoothly as expected.

People dreaming of seeing the Goddess of Mercy crushed:Representing smooth as expected, having wealth and profit, and being careful with money coming in and going out.

People in love dreamed of Guanyin crushing:Suggests mutual understanding, no need to appearance modification, can hope to get married.

If a pregnant person dreams of seeing the Goddess of Mercy being crushed:She is predicting the birth of a daughter, and the mother and daughter will be safe. A boy will be born in September and October.

Those who dreamed of seeing Guanyin crushed in a dream means having perseverance and preparation:Not afraid of failure, being able to pass the examination, and success in fall and winter.

Traveling people dreaming of right lower teeth crushed off:Suggests that something temporary postponement of the trip.

Traveler dreaming of crushing stone:Suggests smooth progress, be careful of fire and water.

Traveling person dreamed of classmate falling from playing place crushing:Suggests postponing departure.

Traveling person dreamed of cell phone decay a smash:Suggests postponing departure for a few days.

Pregnant person dreamed of seeing teeth crushed and lost:Predicted the birth of a male, April accounted for the birth of a female.

Pregnant people dreamed of crushing stones:Predicted birth of a male, be careful to prevent fetal qi, be careful with food and drink.

Those who dreamed of seeing a cell phone crushed:Suggests bad mood, less go out for good.

People dreaming of cell phone being crushed:Implies unsatisfactory performance in liberal arts.

Dreaming of a hammer and getting a promotion:A hammer that can crush a stone easily, symbolizes great power.

People who go to school dreaming of a watch being crushed means that you can pass the oral reexamination and have hope for admission.

Doing business dreamed of cell phone crushed:Represents gaining wealth and profit, money in and out carefully.

People dreaming of going to school dreaming of a crusher:Means that the heart is not impatient, smooth admission.

People who go to school dreaming of cell phone crushed:Means can not be smooth as desired, not admitted.

People who dreamt of crushing teeth represent a good fortune:And a smooth transition.

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