Dreaming of going home

A traveler dreaming that I went home is advised to leave the group and go home slowly with delays.

Traveling people dreamed that my dad came home by himself:Suggest leaving the group to go home slowly with delays.

Traveling people dreamed of going home with boyfriend:Suggest to delay a few days to go home, safe and sound.

Traveling person dreamed of going home lost:Smooth going out.

Traveler dreamed of getting lost and finally going home:Suggest traveling as desired, bring rain gear.

The traveler dreamed of going home and saw a lot of green onions:Suggests just postponing the trip, can go home safely. Be careful on the waterway.

Traveler dreaming of lost person coming home:Suggest traveling as expected, smooth.

Pregnant people dreamed of breaking up and leaving home husband came home:Give birth to a boy, health situation is not good.

Pregnant people dreamed of catching two ducks and bringing them home:Predicting the birth of a girl, related to ancestral graves.

The traveler dreamed of winning the jackpot:Safe outing and safe return home.

Pregnant people dreamed of seeing her husband returning home to her in-laws:Predicting the birth of a daughter, and the birth of a boy in the fall. Use your head sparingly.

Traveling people dreaming of going home:Suggests smooth outside out.

Traveler dreaming of returning to in-laws husband home:Rain is postponed, sunny day feasible.

Traveler dreamed of stealing stones and eating them at home:Suggests going out smoothly.

Traveling person dreamed of out enlisting in the army home:Suggests postponing the departure again.

Traveling person dreamed of grandfather returning home:Advised to postpone going out in case of rainy day.

Pregnant people dreamed of seeing her dead father returning home:Foretelling the birth of a daughter.

Traveling people dreamed that it was drizzling on the way home:Suggesting leaving the group to attempt and delaying to go home slowly.

Travelers dreaming of going home:Suggest delaying departure.

Traveling people dreaming of calling the police:Suggest that you can go out slowly and go home safely.

Traveling person dreamed of conflict:Suggests go out safely and go home safely.

Doing business dreamed of going home lost:Progress is slow, there is wealth to be gained.

Traveling people dreamed of seeing father go home:Advised to delay departure in case of rain.

People dreaming of going to school dreamed of going back to in-laws husband went home:The results are not satisfactory, failed to be admitted.

Traveling people dreamed that daughter-in-law drove home by herself:Advised to go out safely.

Traveling people dreamed of hitchhiking home going the wrong way:Suggest postponing travel.

Doing business dreamed of sick people home:Although not yet stabilized, but already smooth on track.

Pregnant people dreamed of seeing her son returning home:Predicting the birth of a daughter, avoiding earth moving in the south.

People who are traveling dreamed that their dead brother-in-law came home:Suggesting a smooth trip.

Pregnant person dreamed of mother-in-law coming home:Predicted the birth of a boy, be careful to prevent difficult labor.

Pregnant person dreamed of her boss coming home:Predicted birth of a girl, should be moderate.

Those who dreamed of their grandmother's death on a trip:Went out safely and came home safely.

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