What is the meaning of the giant frog?

For those who are in love to dream of a giant frog:It means that marriage can be made with honesty and sincerity.

People dreaming of giant frogs mean that if you give more alms and only ask for the plow but not the harvest:You will be safe and sound.

People who dream of giant frogs suggest delaying departure in case of cloudy weather or something prevents departure.

People in love dreaming of giant frogs:Suggesting mutual honesty, marriage can be accomplished.

People in business dreaming of giant frogs suggests that it is difficult to get things started:It is better to retreat and defend oneself, and it is better to resolve misunderstandings.

Those who dreamed of catching a lot of big frogs:Suggesting to stop in case of rain and delay the departure.

Travelers dreaming of big frogs eating people suggest stopping in case of rain and delaying departure after rain.

A pregnant woman dreaming of a small green snake eating a large frog predicts the birth of a male child and more care for the mother.

Pregnant people dreaming of oversized frogs predicted a male child:But be careful with diet.

A businessman dreaming of a large red frog represents profitability and wealth. Prevent lawsuits.

People dreaming of big frogs carrying small frogs:Means not impulsive, courageous but not resourceful, cautious against small people framing.

People who go to school dreaming of a big frog continuously pouncing on themselves:Can not be successful as desired, not admitted.

Those who dreamed of seeing a big frog on their necks while traveling:Suggests smooth sailing.

Pregnant person dreamed of releasing a big yellow frog:Giving birth to a daughter, pregnant woman driving less is good.

Traveling people dreaming of snakes and big frogs:Suggest not to go out, choose another time and day to set out again.

A pregnant woman dreaming of a big frog carrying a small frog predicts the birth of a daughter:But the date of delivery will be delayed.

A pregnant woman dreaming of a large frog on her arm predicts the birth of a daughter.

A traveler dreaming of releasing a big yellow frog:Delay the departure for a few days.

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