Dreaming about my ex-wife being jealous of me

A person traveling dreaming of his ex-wife being jealous for me is advised to travel if it is a sunny day.

For those who are in love:Dreaming of ex-wife being jealous for me, suggests that marriage can be accomplished if you are dedicated to your feelings.

A pregnant woman dreaming of her ex-wife eating vinegar for me predicts the birth of a male child:While a female child is expected in the fall, so be cautious of fetal death.

For those who dreamed of seeing his ex-wife eating vinegar for me:It means that the business is not smooth and unstable, and less investment is needed.

People dreaming of seeing his ex-wife eating vinegar for me in the current year of his life:Means to solve the dilemma and gradually enter into good luck, to get unexpected wealth or real estate, smooth.

People dreaming of seeing two men like me to be jealous for me:Means poor performance in arts and scores in oral examination are also poor.

Doing business dreamed that his ex-wife drove a new car to take me:On behalf of operating loss loss more, it is better to retreat and defend.

Pregnant people dreaming of two men competing for my jealousy:Predicting the birth of a daughter, avoid moving earth, prevent miscarriage.

Those who are traveling dreamed of friends fighting over a woman's jealousy:It is recommended to go back and forth smoothly and safely.

People in love dreaming of two men fighting over me:Suggesting that relatives have opinions, do not be discouraged, there is hope for marriage.

Traveling people dreamed that my favorite person made me sad and jealous:Suggests that the obstacle is big, delay and then go.

Travelers dreaming of boyfriend jealousy hang up my phone:Suggest that the journey more careful can.

The person who dreamed of seeing other people fighting over my jealousy:Means worrying much for his wife, women should be managed at home and not seeking jobs outside.

Those who dreamed of seeing women fighting over my jealousy on a trip:Suggesting a smooth round trip, don't stay in other places.

For those who dreamed of seeing a school girl being jealous of me:It means that there are a lot of things to worry about for the wife, and it is better for the woman to manage at home than to seek employment outside.

The person who dreamed of seeing another man being jealous of my boyfriend means that there must be a reason for the occurrence of the incident:And it is better to deal with it cautiously.

People dreaming of seeing two men fighting over me and being jealous in the current year of life implies that the amount of income should be taken as the amount of expenditure:Not big investment, retreating and defending should be taken as the most important thing to ensure that there is no disaster.

Pregnant people dreaming of my loved one jealousy revenge me:Predicting the birth of a man, be careful to prevent difficult labor.

Doing business dreamed that my lover was angry and jealous and I went to chase him:Representing financial gain, but more laborious, change the way of business is good.

Doing business dreamed and ex-wife I bare body weight measurement:On behalf of the mouth is right and wrong, big change is also a big failure, old-fashioned is better.

Traveling people dreamed of friends jealousy:Suggests slightly delayed back, not change the itinerary is good.

Traveling person dreamed of school girl fights for me jealousy:Suggests as scheduled smooth outing.

A businessman dreamed that his ex-wife said she missed me:Representing quarrels and quarrels, big change and big failure, keeping the old is good.

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