What does it mean when you dream that your ex-wife wants to remarry?

For a person who goes to school to dream that his ex-wife wants to remarry:Means that he will not be admitted as he wishes.

A pregnant person dreaming of seeing her ex-wife wanting to remarry:Predicts the birth of a male child, while a female child is expected in the fall.

Traveling people dream can see ex-wife to remarry:Suggest winter in ice and snow unfavorable, spring and summer favorable.

Traveling person dreamed of boyfriend ex-wife to remarry:Suggests in case of rain will be postponed, disagreement and postponement.

Pregnant people dreaming of being able to see his ex-wife to remarry:Predicting the birth of a daughter, avoid moving earth. The mother more maintenance.

Traveling people dreaming of ex-wife to remarry:Suggests on the way some obstacles, meet fire and water be careful.

Pregnant people dreaming of seeing their boyfriend's ex-wife wanting to remarry:Predicting the birth of a boy, spring accounted for the birth of a girl. Beware of strange tumors.

Doing business dreamed that ex-wife wants to remarry:Represents smooth as expected, but in smooth, be careful to guard against evil words, must believe untrue words.

Doing business dreamed that husband and ex-wife want to remarry:Represents loss of property, be careful to guard against fire and water, should be guarded not to enter.

Pregnant people dreaming of remarriage between boyfriend and ex-wife:Foretelling the birth of a daughter, preventing miscarriage.

People dreaming of remarriage with ex-wife will be executed:Means be careful in oral examination, probably can reach the admission standard.

People in business dreamed that his ex-wife negotiated with him for remarriage:Representing a smooth financial success, but cautious against friends' betrayal and robbery of wealth.

People in love dreamed that his ex-wife negotiated with him to remarry:Suggesting that mutual trust, not listening to others to provoke right and wrong, marriage can be accomplished.

People dreaming of remarrying their ex-wives in the year of their birth means that they will gain wealth and profits in the summer and fall:And in the latter half of the year, they will be as successful as they wish.

The person who traveled dreamed of remarrying his ex-wife:Suggesting that he can travel as scheduled.

Traveling person dreamed of ex-wife negotiating with himself to remarry:Suggests beside fire and water should be careful, postpones going out.

People in love dreamed of ex-wife to remarry:Suggests temperament hard to tolerate, mutual forbearance marriage can be accomplished.

Pregnant people dreaming of remarriage between husband and ex-wife:Predicting birth of a male child, health situation is not good.

School dreamed that ex-wife and himself negotiated to remarry:Means science achievement a subject influence, not as desired.

People dreaming that their boyfriend wants to remarry his ex-wife means that all modesty can be auspicious:And they can hope for the best.

People in love dream see can see ex-wife want to remarry:Indicates grasp the opportunity to propose will be fruitful, marriage can be accomplished.

People dreaming of seeing their ex-wife getting remarried means treating people with sincerity:Enriching oneself, not having to be strong, that is, being able to pass by smoothly.

Pregnant people dream that their boyfriend wants to borrow money to buy a house and remarry his ex-wife:Predicting the birth of a boy. June and July to give birth to a daughter, peace and prosperity.

Doing business dreamed that boyfriend ex-wife to remarry:On behalf of the first to lose and then gain, be careful to prevent lawsuits, water and fire disasters, there are financial benefits.

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