Meaning of dreaming about elevator mouth

For a person who goes to school to dream of pooping at the mouth of an elevator means that things go well. You will be admitted as you wish.

A pregnant woman dreaming of rinsing her shoes in an elevator mouth predicts the birth of a daughter with thinning hair. Miscarriage is a good sign.

Those who dreamed of shitting in the elevator:Suggesting that it is too hot to go, postponing the departure for a few days.

Travelers dreaming of elevator entrance:Suggest less going out for good, postpone going out with rain gear.

People who dreamt of traveling dreamt of a corpse in an elevator entrance:Suggesting to hinder going out smoothly after a few days.

People dreaming of not being able to find the elevator entrance in their current year implies that although it is not very smooth:Confidence must be strengthened, and the summer is worse.

Pregnant people dreaming of not being able to find the elevator entrance:Predicting the birth of a daughter, be cautious of fetal position is not about to be operated.

Traveling people dreamed of meeting several women in the elevator entrance:Suggests that in case of rain, stop, postpone and then set off.

People in love dreaming of shitting in an elevator:Suggesting a triangular relationship, must choose one of them, marriage can be accomplished.

For those who dream of seeing an elevator entrance in the current year:It means that their family's luck is not going well, husband and wife's relationship is in trouble, or they are suffering from theft and loss of wealth.

Dreaming of shitting in an elevator:According to Zhouyi five elements analysis, lucky color is blue, lucky number is 1, peach blossom position is in the south direction, wealth position is in the north direction, lucky food is bread.

Doing business dreamed of seeing an elevator opening:Representing the need to invest at first and then recoup the profits later.

Doing business dreamed of standing in a dangerous elevator opening:Representing that partnership business should not be done, no big investment should be made, and it is better to guard than to enter.

Pregnant people dreaming of seeing a corpse at the elevator entrance predicted the birth of a male child:While a female child was born in the summer, so be careful not to move the fetus.

Pregnant person dreamed of seeing a corpse in the elevator:Predicting the birth of a male, spring occupying the birth of a female, do not overwork to move the fetus.

Pregnant people dreaming of an elevator fire with only thick smoke predicts the birth of a boy:Avoid moving the earth and moving the fetus.

People dreaming of shitting in an elevator means paying more attention to grooming the exterior:The second half of the year will go smoothly as expected.

People in the current year dreaming of an elevator fire with only thick smoke means that everything will go smoothly and your people will help you. Real estate is favorable:Preventing friends from betraying trust.

People in love dream of shopping mall downstairs can't find the elevator mouth:Shows mutual respect for each other, modest and courteous, marriage is expected.

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