What does it mean to dream that a frying pan is broken?

A traveler dreaming of a pan of decoction breaking is advised to postpone his departure in case of rain.

A traveler dreaming of a broken decoction pot is advised to travel with family members.

A pregnant woman dreaming of a broken decoction pot predicts the birth of a daughter.

Pregnant people dreaming of a broken pot of decoction predicted the birth of a male child:And the birth of a female child in spring.

When a businessman dreamed of a broken decoction pot:It means that although things are going well, the progress is very slow, so be careful not to be sabotaged.

For a businessman to dream of a new decoction pot:It represents making money smoothly and treating people with honesty. More development.

A pregnant woman dreaming of a new decoction pot predicts the birth of a male child; be careful with food and drink:And avoid moving earth.

People in love dreaming of a new decoction pot:Indicating that a stable occupation and salary class marriage can be accomplished.

People dreaming of buying a medicine pot and breaking it on the way to school implies that pre-test preparation is very important and examination luck is not ideal.

People in love dreaming of a pot of medicine breaking means that due to a big age difference:Parents do not agree, only let nature take its course.

If you dream of decocting medicine:You should work harder and prepare more, and hope to be admitted.

A pregnant woman dreaming of decocting medicine will give birth to a male child:While a female child will be born in summer. Go to the south less often.

Dreaming of a broken decoction pot:Maintaining a normal order of life is in your favor. Although the idea of changing the present is strong, it is better to suppress it appropriately today to give you smoother luck. If you set your mind to change, you'll have to be mentally prepared to face conflict. Your lover will show suspicion of you, whether it is right or wrong, you probably have a good idea in your heart.

People who are traveling dream of others frying medicine:Delay a few days to go out is good.

People in love dreaming of pots frying:Suggesting that there are obstacles, fear of third party insertion, marriage has a change of heart.

People in the year of life dreaming of a broken pot:Means that the amount of income for out, not big investment, retreat for the important, can keep no disaster.

People dreaming of medicine pot broken:Means that the mind and body adjustment, smooth as desired, in agriculture, mountain products, real estate profits.

Doing business dreamed that medicine pot was broken by others:Represents loss of property, not to invest, wait for the time to operate again.

A businessman dreaming of a pot being broken:Represents that although there are words of destruction, it will not affect profits.

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