What does it mean when you dream that your daughter shits in her pants?

A pregnant woman dreaming of her daughter shitting in her pants predicts the birth of a boy; a woman in the fall predicts the birth of a girl; be careful with the fetus.

If you dream of your daughter shitting in her pants:It means that your business will not start well, and you will have to reorganize your business to make it go smoothly.

People dreaming of their daughters shitting their pants in the year of their birth means mixed fortunes and misfortunes:And it is advantageous to gain wealth. If you are too strong, you will suffer losses.

People dreaming of traveling dream of shitting pants:As expected go out smoothly.

Pregnant people dreaming of shitting their pants:Foretelling the birth of a daughter, be careful at the water's edge, and guard against miscarriage.

A pregnant woman dreaming of shitting her pants and getting shit on her hands predicts the birth of a girl:While a man is expected in the fall. Use your head less.

Pregnant people dreaming of someone shitting in their pants:Predicting the birth of a daughter, don't approach the water's edge.

Travelers dreaming of shitting in their pants:Suggests proceeding according to the original plan, safe round trip.

Traveler dreaming of shitting in pants:Suggests going out as scheduled, beware of fire.

Going to school dreamed of pulling shit in pants:Implies examination sudden accident caused poor results.

People dreaming of pulling pants on shit hand stained with shit:Means luck is better than in previous years, can purchase real estate.

People dreaming of seeing a baby shit his pants:Means near the edge of acceptance, should be more cheer.

Those who dreamed of seeing a baby shitting in his pants suggest smooth sailing.

People in love dreaming of shit pulling a pants with hands:Suggests both parents agree to extend the marriage time.

Pregnant people dreaming of their daughter shitting her pants:Predicting the birth of a male, autumn occupying the birth of a female.

For a businessman to dream of shitting his pants and grabbing it with his hands:Represents slow progress and slight profit. It can be maintained.

A businessman dreaming of shitting his pants represents unfavorable operation:Ups and downs, failure to achieve the desired results, and a lot of losses.

Those who dreamed of a baby shitting his pants suggest stopping in case of rain or wind and delaying the departure.

People dreaming of pulling a pants shit:Means to get a nobleman to help, smooth as expected, get unexpected wealth.

Doing business dreamed his wife pulls a pants shit:Represents the mouth is right and wrong, big change is also big failure, keep the old for good.

Traveling people dreamed of baby pulling pants on diluted feces:Suggests that in case of rain is postponed to go out.

People who dreamed of seeing their daughter shitting her pants in a school dream:In the field of arts and sciences, some poor, can hope to be admitted.

Traveler dreamed of wife shitting pants:Advised to be careful in case of water and fire, may postpone going out.

Traveling person dreamed of pulling pants on shit hand stained with shit:Suggests encountering wind then stops postponing going out.

Doing business dreamed of shitting in pants:Represents loss of money, advisable to keep, not to invest.

People dreaming of pulling shit in pants:Suggest smooth as expected, if the wind is strong, then postpone going out.

People in love dreaming of a baby shitting in his pants:Suggests that although there are obstacles, there are misunderstandings to resolve, slowly hope to get married.

A pregnant person dreaming of a baby shitting in her pants would give birth to a girl. A male child will be born in January or February.

People dreaming of going to school dreaming of shitting in one's pants:Meaning that one will be admitted to school as one wishes.

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