What does it mean to dream of one's mortality

A traveler dreaming of his deadlines has many obstacles. Postpone traveling.

A pregnant person dreaming of her dead period gives birth to a male child:But beware of miscarriage and difficulty in raising a child.

Traveling people dreaming of dead people dreaming of their own dead period:Suggest postponing the trip again.

Pregnant people dreaming of their own deadlines:Foretelling the birth of a girl, be careful not to be exposed to wind and cold.

Traveling people dreaming of knowing one's own death date:Suggests can be smooth and safe, encounter lake and Ze be careful.

People who go to school dreamed of seeing their own and their children's deadlines:Means half of the subjects' grades are not good, it is advisable to make more efforts.

Those who dreamed of seeing the death dates of themselves and their family members on the same day:Suggesting that it would be better to delay the trip until fall or winter.

Dreaming of talking to a four-legged animal means that the date of death is approaching.

People who go to school dreaming that they know their own death date means that they have perseverance to prepare:Not afraid of failure, can get the examination, fall and winter smoothly.

People in love dreamed that their grandfather told them the date of their death:Indicating mutual respect for each other, modesty and courtesy, marriage is promising.

To dream that one enters hell:Denotes that death is imminent.

For a person in love to dream that a dead man tells him the date of his death:Indicates that the man is older than the woman, and separation due to parental disapproval.

For a businessman to dream of his own deathbed:It means that there are ups and downs, and it is advisable to be conservative. Autumn is favorable.

For a businessman to dream of his own death and that of his child:It means that his business is not going well, and that someone is intentionally vilifying him, and that he is losing money.

A pregnant woman dreaming that she knows the date of her death predicts the birth of a daughter:Or the arrival of a sister before or after her.

Pregnant people dreaming of a ghost predicting her own death:Predicting the birth of a daughter, winter occupying the birth of a man, be careful not to move the fetus.

People dreaming of ghosts predicting their own death means more alms:More merit, good fortune and wealth.

Pregnant people dreaming of seeing a dead grandfather telling his own death date:Predicting the birth of a man, spring occupying the birth of a woman, be careful to prevent preterm labor, the mother should be more maintenance.

People in love dreamed of ghosts predicting their own death:Suggesting that both sides of the intention, and suffered from small people to destroy.

People in love dreaming of their own death:Suggests willingness, have integrity to get along with marriage can be accomplished.

People who travel dreamt of their own and their children's deadlines:Suggest waiting for the fall and winter seasons before traveling.

Those who dreamed of seeing their own deadlines:Means that they can expect to be admitted to the school, and be more attentive to the liberal arts.

A pregnant woman dreaming of her deathbed predicts the birth of a daughter. Autumn occupies the birth of a male.

Doing business dreamed that the deceased grandfather told his death date:Represents in the smooth must guard against setbacks, careful not to expand investment.

To dream that you are surrounded by ants means that your death is imminent.

People in love dreaming of knowing the date of their own death:Suggesting that a marriage can be accomplished if they are touched by sincerity.

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