Dreams About Dad Quitting His Job

A pregnant woman dreaming of her father quitting his job predicts the birth of a daughter. Be careful not to move the fetus:And go less to the West.

If you are traveling and dream that your father resigns:You are advised to wait for the opportunity and postpone the trip for three days.

People in love dreaming of father quitting:Suggests temperament intolerance, mutual forbearance marriage can be accomplished.

Doing business dreamed dad resigned:Represents unstable operation, insufficient publicity, cautious against small person trap.

People dreaming of father resignation:Means three years of bad luck has passed, will gradually enter the good luck, smooth financial resources.

People dreaming of quitting school:Initial test is unfavorable, try again as expected smooth admission.

Traveling person dreamed of colleague want to resign:Suggests postponing going out is good.

Dreaming of father resignation:Today's state is very good oh, get the boss / teacher appreciate the opportunity is quite big it. Don't skimp on your own strength, if you can finish your work/school overtime, just finish it with a bang.

Travelers dreaming of preparing to resign:Suggesting that the way to be trapped, postponing the trip.

Traveling people dreaming of nanny resignation:Suggests can go out smoothly, come back safely.

People dreaming of quitting a job and then not wanting to do so means that spring comes as it should:But beware of bloodshed in the fall.

Traveling person dreamed of father being resigned:Suggests rescheduling departure, postponing travel.

Traveling person dreamed of reading a book with a resigned colleague:Suggests delaying departure, windy.

People who go to school dreaming of resigning from a boss implies acceptance as expected.

A traveler dreaming of a colleague telling him to resign suggests traveling as scheduled.

People dreaming of resigning automatically:Failing to be admitted as expected, slightly worse in science.

A person in love dreaming of resigning from a job does not believe in rumors and may hope to get married.

A pregnant woman dreaming of being resigned would give birth to a boy.

People who are traveling dreamed of subordinates resigning:Suggest postponing the trip

A pregnant woman dreaming of quitting her job and then not wanting to do so predicts the birth of a male child:And a female child in July or August.

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