Dreams about eating chickens

A traveler dreaming of eating chicken suggests postponing or canceling an outing.

A pregnant woman dreaming of eating chicken is predicting the birth of a male child:Avoiding moving the earth to move the fetus.

For those who dreamed of eating a chicken:It means that you should make more efforts in arts and sciences, and you can expect to be on the top of the list.

Doing business dreamed of eating chicken:Representing loss of wealth is unfavorable, can not expand the operation, it is better to be small than big.

People dreaming of eating chickens in their current year of life means that they should not act rashly:Have courage but no strategy, and be cautious of official symbols.

Travelers dreaming of chickens eating mice chickens eating chickens:Suggests rain is postponed departure.

Travelers dreaming of others eating chickens:Can depart as scheduled.

Pregnant people dreaming of crows eating chickens:Foretelling the birth of a boy, do not move the fetus.

People who go to school dreaming of chickens eating bugs eating people:Means that the first attempt is unfavorable, then again favorable.

Doing business dreamed of catching chickens eating chickens:Representing faithful treatment of people, smoothly obtaining wealth, slowly progressing.

Doing business dreamed of chickens eating chickens:In stationery, publishing, or timber, round art industry gain profit and wealth, smooth.

People dreaming of traveling dream of eating white cut chicken:Suggest going out smoothly as expected.

People in love dreaming of eating chicken eat chicken feet first after eating chicken body:Suggests that both personalities are conservative and stubborn, it is advisable to understand each other.

Pregnant people dreaming of eating chicken gall bladder:Predicting the birth of a male, do not move the fetus.

Travelers dreaming of eating chicken feet first and then chicken body:Suggests that there are many obstacles. Delay traveling.

People dreaming of chickens eating mice and chicks eating chickens:Means getting wealth smoothly, but less going to the north or the water, be careful.

People who dream of monsters eating chickens on a trip suggest going out smoothly as expected.

Dreaming of eating chickens:According to Zhouyi five elements analysis, the lucky color is orange, lucky number is 8, peach blossom bit in the direction of the west, wealth in the northwest direction, lucky food is peas.

People dreaming of cats eating cats and toads eating chickens and snakes eating others:Representing a slightly better start, with uncertainty in the middle and loss in the end.

A pregnant woman dreaming of a chicken eating a snake's head predicts the birth of a daughter.

People in love dreaming of stealing chickens:Killing chickens and eating chickens, suggesting that if they can trust each other, they will finally be married, otherwise they will be separated.

Those who dreamed of chickens eating praying mantis:Suggests a smooth outward journey.

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