What does dreaming about many kittens symbolize?

A traveler dreaming of many young cats biting my feet is advised to depart smoothly as scheduled.

A traveler dreaming of many dead cats suggests postponing departure for some reason.

Traveling people dreaming of people killing many cats:Suggest obstacles, postpone departure.

Pregnant people dreamed of many cats:Predicted the birth of a boy, do not approach the water, prevent miscarriage.

Travelers dreaming of a cat giving birth to many kittens:Suggest delaying departure for a few days.

People in love dreamed of a cat giving birth to many kittens:Suggesting that after many tests, you can expect to get married.

People who go to school dreaming of having their hands scratched by many cats:Implying that their grades are not even up to par and they can't get what they want.

For a person in love to dream of being scratched by many cats suggests that a marriage can be accomplished after the career is fixed.

Pregnant people dreaming of many young cats biting my feet:Predicting the birth of a male, April accounted for the birth of a female, be careful to prevent the fetus from moving.

Dreaming of a lot of dead cats means that you will not be admitted to school as you wish:And your grades will not be satisfactory.

Pregnant people dreaming of burying a lot of dead cats:Predicting the birth of a male child, a female child in August.

Pregnant people dreaming of being bitten by a lot of cats:A girl, winter occupation is a boy, careful maintenance.

People in love dreamed of many stray cats:Suggesting a match made in heaven, a couple with destiny, withstand the test, marriage can be accomplished.

People in business dreamed of many cats chasing after them:Representing unfavorable spring, summer and autumn will be smooth.

Pregnant people dreaming of cats giving birth to many kittens:Predicting a male born in the fall and a female born in the summer. Be careful of fire and water.

For a businessman to dream of many stray cats:Represents the strengthening of internal operations, and success after experiencing difficulties.

Travelers dreaming of burying a lot of dead cats are advised to delay their departure in case of rain.

People doing business dreamed of seeing many cats:On behalf of financial gain, suitable for gold, wood industry, to the north is also unfavorable.

Travelers dreaming of many cats tied to the wall:It is recommended to wait for the opportunity to move, delay going out is better.

A pregnant woman dreaming of many clean cats surrounding me predicts the birth of a boy. A girl will be born in spring.

Those who dreamed of being entangled by many cats suggest going out safely as scheduled (a few more companions would be better).

People in love dreaming of many dead cats:Suggesting that as long as they trust each other, marriage can be accomplished. There will be joyful celebrations in the fall.

Pregnant people dreaming of many stray cats:Predicting the birth of a woman in summer and a man in fall, preventing burns.

Pregnant people dreaming of others killing many cats:Predicting the birth of a woman, spring occupying the birth of a man, avoid moving the earth to move the fetus.

Traveling people dreamed of stealing many skinny hairy cats:It is suggested that in case of rain postponement and then go out.

Doing business dreamed that a cat gave birth to many kittens:Representing the operation is not good, the loss is very big, should temporarily retreat.

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